Makey Makey Bongos

Last week we did an experiment with Makey Makey What we had to do was make bongos.

There were hard parts and easy parts. The stuff I found easy was connecting the cords to the makey makey board and connecting the cord to my laptop. I found it really hard trying to put the cords in my fruits because if the cords weren’t placed properly the Bongos just wouldn’t work. It was fun doing the bongos and I really enjoyed making and playing them.😊


Makey Makey Project

Today in design we started focusing on electricity and programming.

Electricity to me is a form of electric charge in one direction. It is a

form of energy which we use to power machines and electrical devices.

The stuff that I think electricity is used for is Fans, lights, computers, fridges,

cars/trucks, devices, machines and heaps of other things because a lot of things

in the world are powered by electricity. Today my class got to program fruits to be keys

on our laptops. In the photo above there is an example of what it looked like. So that is mine

and the reason I have 2 fruits is because I programmed them to play the bongos on a website.

It was hard at the start making sure I programmed the fruits right or other wise the bongos wouldn’t work.

It took a while until I figured everything out but I eventually did it. Thank you 😀



final scratch post of the term!

Lat week I finished my scratch project called Forty Blinks.

And now I have some questions to answer.

What have I learnt about code?  well what I have learnt about code is that it is hard to code something and make it go the way you want it to go.  What made my project worth doing? I chose to do this project because I love designing things and I just love furniture so I thought it would of been a nice idea to make an ad about something I am really interested in. What are some challenges and the successes? For me probably one of the challenges for me was trying to make it entertaining and not just some boring ad because there are those times where there can be entertaining ad’s but I didn’t want it to be a boring one. One of the successes for me would probably be making it all in time and making it not so boring for the audience. What would I do differently next time? Probably making it longer and more stuff for the audience to actually have a go of. Did I manage my time well? I personally think that i had enough time to do it and enough time left after it. So yes I think I managed my time well.

Thank you 🙂

Maths home learning!

Throughout the past couple weeks we have been exploring Shapes/triangles.

Today I made a bunch of different shapes and triangles in maths. It was hard trying to find out what types of shapes they are and all sorts of stuff. Some triangles are acute triangles and equilateral triangles. We also used a protractor to check the sides and lengths of your shapes. I cant wait to learn more about these shapes.:)

Scratch Design inspiration

This is my scratch project!

It is called Forty Blinks. And this is the ad above. Madi is the head of my character.

And she is advertising the bunk bed next to her. So basically what I have programmed her to do is explain what the bunk bed does and some special elements of it. At the start when I started this project I was going to make someone advertise a chair or lounge of some sort. But then I thought of doing a bunk bed and how cool it would be to make an ad about it. And it is a bunk bed that looks like it is floating. So I asked Madi if he could be the head of the character and well I have an ad.

Scratch Dance challenge.

In scratch we did a project called dance challenge and basically you had to program your sprite to dance. So in my project I got my sprite        ( ballerina ) to do all different types of dance moves. It was tricky to get the right music and to play the music at the right time. we are  still doing scratch projects and will throughout the year. Thank you:).


In class we have been reading a class book which is called Refugee. In refugee there is a character called Ali and he escapes from his country because of the Taliban. He goes on many long  journeys to get to Australia like, Car ride to Pakistan, Plane to Jakarta, Boat to the Australian border, the border force found them an took them to Darwin (Australia), Then another plane to Woomera. One of the main events for me was when he got to Woomera because from what we have read he has been at Woomera for months and and he has had about 2 or 3 interviews. This book is really entertaining. My favourite quote is “I can’t go back to Afghanistan to die”  on page 32.


Scratch purple circle orange square

In scratch we have been given another task called purple circle orange square it is fun task where you have to program a purple circle and an orange square to do stuff. In my project I have programmed my shapes to disappear. It is hard sometimes to program things to disappear at certain times and to say things at certain times. But I eventually did it. I cant wait for my next project to battle against.

Scratch About Me

In scratch we have been doing a project called About Me. In this project you basically explain things about you.

So in the picture above there is a girl that is wearing a purple top that is me. and the things beside me are things about me.

All you do is tap the things next to me and it shows things about me. For example the ballerina says that I like to dance etc…

So that’s my scratch project and I am excited to show my year 3 buddy:)

About Me

Hi I’m Ashaiya,

And I have a brother in year 3 and a sister in year 1. And also my parents and my dog coco. we live on 7 acres with a beautiful big garden.

I love dance and I do 4 styles ballet, contemporary, jazz and a stretch class. This is my 5th year at this school and it is awesome! BYE:)    

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