Today we have Moved on to a new design topic which is Drones! We split into groups I am in a group with Abbie,
Harriet, Quinn and of course Me! We first started the day with tutorials there were 9 tutorials. We finished them
and moved on to coding on Snap! But we didn't do that to long before we actually went out side and used the drones!!
I really enjoy doing drones because you get to not only code but we get to experience flying a drone! 

My friends and I once again ( like in hummingbird ) we needed Cameron's help!😂
We did a lot of it our selves but he just helped us code a little bit. 

Who ever gets to do drones or even hummingbird are going to have fun! 

I also learnt how to make a square with a drone while coding! It was really fun but confusing.

It was really fun but confusing.

Getting to the end of the day I did a project That made a F kind of shape.

I would add the code but it was to long! This project o me a while but it was fun!

Thanks, Ashaiya!

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