For the past couple weeks half of year five have been programming a device called Hummingbird. And the other half is a Drone group!

I am in Hummingbird. I am in a group with Quinn, Abbie and obviously Me! This is our project Below!


Coding our Robot was quite hard because we had to make the bunny’s ears move and the nose had to glow!

At one point we lost our glowing nose code so we had to start from the start with that and then the ears weren’t moving!

I am not the best at Coding so we got Cameron to help us and then after a lot of watching and coding we had our bunny’s nose glowing again!

We had to keep going over to the makerspace to get pipe cleaners for the nose and the tail! I drew the face, Quinn made the ears and Abbie helped me make the nose. Abbie and I put a ping pong ball over the LED and She stuck it down with blue tack.


The project was hard but we had heaps of Fun!!😊

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