Rube Goldberg Machine!

In Design we were doing Makey Makey then we went to micro-bit but now we are doing Rube Goldberg Machines. Rube Goldberg machines are so fun and and really make you think out side the box. Sadly I don’t have a video to show you because the video is to long but I can explain it. My Rube Goldberg machine took some time to do but it was quite small.

To materials I used were:

  • Jenga blocks
  • magazines
  • wrapping paper rolls ( that have no wrapping on them! )
  • marbles
  • cardboard

It took about 10 tries before I finally got it and some of them were so close! Doing this project also taught me that if you be calm it will work out in the end and saying that to myself helped. But if there was one thing I would of changed I would of probably made it longer!😊

Thanks 🙂

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