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Today I started a Makey Makey project about Darwin because that is where I grew up. for this project I am basically doing a quiz. I chose to do this quiz because I have so much knowledge about the place. So basically I am going to pick a character and that will be the character telling you if you answered the question right. I will program the character to ask questions as well as asking them. The title of this project will be: Darwin Quiz.

Hope you like it!

Thank you😀

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  1. Hi Ashaiya,
    I like that you are thinking about using Darwin as the feature for your project.
    How will you use your Makey Makey to add to your project?
    You could create an interactive map or a game that tells you a fact about Darwin if you get a ball in a hole.

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
    Mrs Watters

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