Today we have Moved on to a new design topic which is Drones! We split into groups I am in a group with Abbie,
Harriet, Quinn and of course Me! We first started the day with tutorials there were 9 tutorials. We finished them
and moved on to coding on Snap! But we didn't do that to long before we actually went out side and used the drones!!
I really enjoy doing drones because you get to not only code but we get to experience flying a drone! 

My friends and I once again ( like in hummingbird ) we needed Cameron's help!πŸ˜‚
We did a lot of it our selves but he just helped us code a little bit. 

Who ever gets to do drones or even hummingbird are going to have fun! 

I also learnt how to make a square with a drone while coding! It was really fun but confusing.

It was really fun but confusing.

Getting to the end of the day I did a project That made a F kind of shape.

I would add the code but it was to long! This project o me a while but it was fun!

Thanks, Ashaiya!


For the past couple weeks half of year five have been programming a device called Hummingbird. And the other half is a Drone group!

I am in Hummingbird. I am in a group with Quinn, Abbie and obviously Me! This is our project Below!

Β Β Β 

Coding our Robot was quite hard because we had to make the bunny’s ears move and the nose had to glow!

At one point we lost our glowing nose code so we had to start from the start with that and then the ears weren’t moving!

I am not the best at Coding so we got Cameron to help us and then after a lot of watching and coding we had our bunny’s nose glowing again!

We had to keep going over to the makerspace to get pipe cleaners for the nose and the tail! I drew the face, Quinn made the ears and Abbie helped me make the nose. Abbie and I put a ping pong ball over the LED and She stuck it down with blue tack.


The project was hard but we had heaps of Fun!!😊

Rube Goldberg Machine!

In Design we were doing Makey Makey then we went to micro-bit but now we are doing Rube Goldberg Machines. Rube Goldberg machines are so fun and and really make you think out side the box. Sadly I don’t have a video to show you because the video is to long but I can explain it. My Rube Goldberg machine took some time to do but it was quite small.

To materials I used were:

  • Jenga blocks
  • magazines
  • wrapping paper rolls ( that have no wrapping on them! )
  • marbles
  • cardboard

It took about 10 tries before I finally got it and some of them were so close! Doing this project also taught me that if you be calm it will work out in the end and saying that to myself helped. But if there was one thing I would of changed I would of probably made it longer!😊

Thanks πŸ™‚

Micro bit step counter

In micro bit I have made a step counter.

The step counter is my main project and

it is much easier then some of the other projects I have done.

Up the top is the code to make the step counter.

There is a lot of different pieces of code you need to use

but it is a little frustrating sometimes but overall it was great.

I really liked doing this project because it was really fun

and now I can keep track of my steps.

Thank you!😊


Micro bit

I have just started Micro bit this term it is really fun and obviously I am still learning.

Micro bit is a type of programming it kind of reminds me of scratch but you have a a robot type thing.


Rock, Paper, Scissors.

rock, paper, scissors is a really fun game that took a while to understand.

One of the hardest things is trying to code it all and making it work. Because

there was a lot of different categories and blocks you had to make.

this project was really fun and it is even funner when you play against friends😊


Hot Potato.

hot potato is a really fun game but it can keep you frustrated for a while!πŸ˜‚

The code was really fun to make but it was complicated. Once I made

the code I got some friends or family and played hot potato with them. Its really fun!


Ashaiya! πŸ™‚





Darwin Quiz

Beaches | Swimming in the NT | Northern Territory, Australia

Today I started a Makey Makey project about Darwin because that is where I grew up. for this project I am basically doing a quiz. I chose to do this quiz because I have so much knowledge about the place. So basically I am going to pick a character and that will be the character telling you if you answered the question right. I will program the character to ask questions as well as asking them. The title of this project will be: Darwin Quiz.

Hope you like it!

Thank youπŸ˜€

Word Study/Misuse


Today in word study we had to choose a word and investigate it. so I chose to do misuse because I thought it would be interesting to find out about it so here is the information I found.

  1. It has been a saying since the year 1530
  2. Misuse means using something in the wrong way.
  3. a synonym for Misuse is Misapply.

Thank youπŸ˜€

Scratch controller.

In this challenge we had to make a controller from our makey makey kit. I found this challenge difficult because I am not the best at coding.

My scratch project didn’t really go as planned but I gave it a go. This project has probably been the hardest for me to handle because its was a two player game and I find scratch hard over all. The one thing I didn’t find to hard was connecting the space because I did a quiz. but I am looking forward to what challenge we have next.πŸ˜€

Pacman contoller Makey Makey.

In this Makey Makey experiment we had to make a controller for a pacman game.

This challenge was one that I found not to hard because to me it was basically the same as the other ones with the fact ofΒ  just up, down, left and right. We are continuing further with Makey Makey and I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰


Makey Makey piano

A couple days ago we did an experiment for makey makey where we had to make a piano.

This project was hard I wouldn’t say there was no easy parts but most of it was a challenge for me. Probably the most challenging thing for me was making sure the cords were placed in the right places and making sure I put enough cords on the makey makey board so I could actually use and make a piano. After I went through the process I finally had a foil piano that I could actually play.πŸ‘

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