Wireless Lapel mics

Hello today I will be talking about the wireless  lapel mics. First of all at the start they were quite hard  to use it turned out it died so we got another one and the audio was so good!  It was quite fun but Unfortunately I wasn’t acting but it was still fun helping out. Lots of the actor were quite good.

Writing 2020

Writing 2020 has been actually quite fun this year we do 2, 3 or 4 drafts  it depends on the piece but after you do the drafts you do the published piece you can choose between handwritten or on word witch is on the computer. Some parts or the year we did handwriting. I enjoyed writing this year.


Hello in design we have been doing drones. By far this is one of the best design projects. I think this is hard as well like all the other design projects but the problem especially with this project is that the drones keep on disconnecting which is really annoying. In the morning we did drone practice on this app that helped us with coding a drone. Other wise it is one of my favourite projects.

Humming Bird

Hello, this week we have been doing humming bird. It was actually more fun then I thought. But…..  It was so annoying! We built a bee and it had a motor in it but it kept on breaking! I fixed it a couple of times and it kept on breaking. Finally we figured out it was something to do with the code! We started with python script but it was really hard. We also built a car for the buzzing bee and there are wheels that move from our code. Mrs Watters helped with the wheels. Previously the wheels were working but then they stopped. We didn’t know why so Mrs Watters helped us, and the wheels started to work again. At the end it became more enjoyable. I really like humming bird!

Lego Robotics

We changed today to Lego Robotics it was really fun and It was quite hard at times to do codes and I feel it was tougher then Sphero.

It was quite rushed and in the middle of the lesson I changed groups with Ollie and Jonathan. I think the building is better then coding the robot.

Sphero SPRK+ Reflection

A Sphero is a robot we use in design. There are options you can change he colour of the light and you can  control it on a stick on the iPad  and it moves. It is a good way to learn code You can also code it so for example you code it through the maze witch is what we are working on now. We tried it with an Ollie but it is a bit to big to fit through the track. It is also really fun to play with. You can also aim the Sphero. Most of the time we couldn’t drive the Sphero  because either the connection didn’t work or the wrong iPad/robot and lots of them were not charged. But this is one of the most fun subjects.