Rube Goldberg Machine 1/ Updated

So I have made a rubegoldberg machine it hasn’t worked out what I thought. This has been a REALLY HARD project i don’t know if its just me. So I used dominoes in this one. I will be posting a video of it. I find this project fun and it was trial and error. This took me about 2 weeks. It turned out good. I have Posted the video on my teams folder. It has worked, it took 5 tries!

Car Simulator

Hello this design project is free choice so me Jarrod and Oliver made a motor bike simulator. I wasn’t there on the day so i am not a expert at this. So Jarrod and Oliver made a layout of a track and that is the design so far. Jarrod and Oliver made another blog but more advanced. I didn’t do much work for it but so far it looks really good.

Maqueen Design Blog

Over the a couple of weeks we have been making codes for my robot and there are Maqueens and Bit bots the Maqueen was the only one left so I took it. The Maqueen was so hard to code and wasn’t really working. All i can say is it was really hard. The bit bots seem a bit more efficient. I still think the Maqueen is super cool. I find it so fascinating that we can code things that move around even though were in grade 5  I just think this project is still really fun even though i am having trouble with mine. I think this is one of the most complex projects i have done. The code makes the LED light turn on on the left and the right and the other code witch is Motor make the Maqueen go left right and straight. That is the project I have been working on.

World Project

This is an world map I told you that I was going to do. Now this is my reflection. So it turned out better then I expected! It worked out like I planned and I am quite happy about it. My dad helped me also. The recordings are a bit muffled when I recorded it, especially the Antarctica one because I did that recording outside. I did most of the recordings inside and they worked out much better. So this is how it worked; when you press a bit of foil on a continent it will tell you something about the continent which was recorded by me. Sometimes it comes up with many voices so you have to stop it and press each one carefully and don’t press too many at once! It went really good after all and I really like it! At first i thought it was going to be really hard but it was actually not to hard! I like this project.


Mistake is about 420 years old. Mistake means when they are wrong about something for example he maybe be mistaken about that. Synonyms  for mistaken is miss led inaccurate and untrue. I did this word because people always make mistakes and it is a very common thing. It was the first word to pop up in my mind.

Free Design Protect

For this project i will have a map of the world.  the continents will be market out but not labelled , So when i press on it , it will make a sound/noise for example  it will tell you the name, the population and maybe few more facts. I will be saying it on a recorded piece. . I will need scratch for me to record it  will but a conductor on 5 different continents  and then i will make the commands for the sound. I will print a map of the world for me to do the project on. i will try to do on a world globe or else just a map might be easier to bring to school because my world globe is enormous for me to carry.

Instrument (“Airano”)

In this project I made an instrument which I call an Airano because it looks like an air plane with some piano like sounds.  I had some help from dad but made most of it myself.  I used foil to wrap around the plane but not because I needed it to be a conductor but because I wanted it to look good.  But I could also use it as a conductor if I wanted to.  I just need to be careful when I play the Airano that I don’t touch the springs with the plane othewise it doesn’t work properly.  I think the Airano looks and sounds cool and I enjoyed playing it.

Procedure for Making the Airano

Step 1:  Make the shape of an air plane. You can use a toy plane of cardboard cut out. I used a toy 😉

Step 2:  Wrap the plane in foil.

Step 3:  Get a slinky.

Step 4:  Connect the slinky on one end of the plane wing to the end of the other wing.

Step 5:  Cut out 6 pieces of foil. Size of each piece:  Area is 9cm X 6cm = 54 cm, Perimeter is 30cm (9cm+9cm+6cm+6cm).

Step 6:  Wrap a piece of foil on every second spring.  So that’s 6 in total.

Step 7:  Connect wires from the makey makey board to each spring that is wrapped in foil.

Step 8:  Make a scratch program that has a different sound for each of the 6 springs.  You can see mine in the featured image.

Step 9:  Connect the makey makey board to the scratch program with a USB.

Step 10:  Play the Airano by touching any of the 6 springs 👍


PAC MAN Controller

Today we had to make a PAC MAN Controller. At first I thought it would be easier than it was. The game had glitches because it went through the walls and went off the screen. I finally did it but it was a bit frustrating trying to get it to work. This time I used foil which wasn’t the best but it still worked. Overall this was the hardest Makey Makey challenge.

Makey Makey Piano

Today we had another challenge.  I put coins on the clips then I connected them to the makey makey board. It didn’t work so I looked at a picture and it worked. At first I tried coins they worked perfect I tried leaves I had to press harder but it still worked this was really fun. In the end it was quite easy.


Electricity is a form of energy that can be powered by the sun. Electricity powers like everything you see that moves. It comes from power lines above your house. To generate electricity you need a fuel source like as coal or gas. The voltage is a type of a electric force that makes electricity run trough a wire and we measure this in volts. Most items that are plugged in to our wall run by electricity. This includes the toaster the fridge the TV and even our computer need to be charged using electricity. It was very hard using the bongos because you had to be very gentle with the orange but i got better at it. It kept on making me get out of the website but i finally managed it.