Robotics Lesson 5 🤖😁

We had a fun session 5!😜


In lesson 5 our group worked on having the robot speak the words “Hello World”. Our robot was having some technical difficulties, so Mr McKie helped to restart Claxina, our robot. It still wasn’t working so we changed our brick. Claxina started to work after making some changes and we completed part one!


It was difficult to code the robot to move like we wanted it. I know that there is a solution to command the robot, so that it does the right thing. We just need to find the answer.

Applying  (adding, putting [effort in)

We tried our best to complete the tasks and we each took part in attempting the challenge. Mistakes showed us the way to success,  which will is a skill that will help us in the future.

Analysing (observing, Putting it together)

We looked at our code and we just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it! So we got some help and tried different combinations until we found the answer.

Evaluating (Work out the Answer)

We had a lot of trouble with our robot. First it kept turning off because there was a problem with the brick, we changed it to a new one and then it was working. A while after that we had problems with our code. We just couldn’t work it out! We observed the code again and saw that we wrote the wrong seconds, our robot would turn for half a second and then stop. Nina helped me analyse the problem and figure out the answer using that data. We needed to lower the amount of seconds between the turns.


Next week we want to accomplish the second part of our challenge so we can move on and learn new things 😊


Robotics Session 3

On 19\2\21 we started to finish off all our challenges if was very difficult because turbo was turning on us and it was hard to work with him so we had to restart Turbo a million times until we just changed the brick.  We got some challenges done 2 of them to be specific but the one that turned out the best was the 360.


We had fun doing these challenges.😍😁😊.

Week 2 Robotics

In Week 1 Of robotics We started Building Our First Ever Robot. 

We started Off By Building Our Robot and learning How to Access The Instructions. It was Difficult because if you put the pieces In The Wrong Spot you would Have To Remove The Piece.


The Next Part That I Think Our Group Can Improve on is Programming it Harder So We Give Ourselves More Of A Challenge.  I Think Our Group Worked Very Well Together And Accomplished The Task We Needed To Do.


The Importance Of  Turbo (our Robot) Is That He Performs Our Learning With Out Using Words Only Programming  Codes, When The Year Comes To An Conclusion We Can See Our Improvements.

We Had Sooooooo Much Fun Doing Robotics😊



Lego Robotics Day 1

Last week it was our first, amazing session of robotics.

We were in a rush to find all the big piece’s and small ones too and on top of that all the racket being made by the year 5 seagulls made it even harder to think about which piece went where.  We accomplished our challenge in time and started programming it. I worked with two amazing coders Nina and Max.


Here is a picture of part of our program in process.

And we also have a short video to show you.