Today we watched a crazy performance in the library.

It was about a boy named Hugo and he always wanted to play a computer game. For homework he has to read the Hobbit, he leaves it until the last minute. He ends up taking his dads computer to school. He hides in the library playing his game then the teacher hers the music from the game and. So Hugo hides the computer in some books. He ends up in a mess. he has to find the computer and turn it off before the robot from the game takes all the words.

I really liked this performance I thought it was really funny. Except it got boring at the end. I also think that technology helps a lot. I think that books are good but I think you learn a lot more on a phone or a laptop. For example if you want to look something up you cant look it up on a book, but you can look it up on a phone or a laptop. I really liked how he used the effect of lights. He also had a cool disco ball. I think the book shelves looked really realistic, I actually thought they were real until he took them off.

OTTT Pitch for Bollards

I am doing my project on the Geelong Bollards. I think I am going to talk about Matthew Flinders the Portuguese sailor, and how the pier burnt down and how they used the left over wood from the parts of the pier that did not get burnt to make the Bollards. I am going to use re-actments in my film explain what is happening.

Also I want to talk about why there is rabbits on some of the bollards. The reason there are rabbits on the bollards is because they were let go near Geelong and now they are everywhere and there are tons. The bollards start at Ripple side park and end at Lime burners Point. The bollards are definitely worth spreading because it is an amazing story. I think my favourite fact is about how the used the wood from the pier to make the Bollards.



As you already know I am doing my film about things to do around the farm and around ceres. It is going really well I have already done some of the filming for the tennis part. I was at the tennis courts with my friend and we did some filming and it looks really good. I have also already made my shotlist.



In science we have been learning about the impact the invention of the microscope has helped the world an what effects It has had.

Medical Science

The microscope has had a major impact in the medical field. Doctors use microscopes to spot abnormal cells and to identify the different types of cells. This helps in identifying and treating diseases such as sickle cell caused by abnormal cells that have a sickle like shape.

Study of the Ecosystem

The microscope is used to study the health of an ecosystem. Field biologists use the microscope to observe a specific environment, such as marine, by identifying the types and number of organism sustained in samples from the ecosystem. This helps scientists in defining the ecosystem, detecting threats to an ecosystem and determining the relationship of the organisms with their environments.

Forensic Science

The microscope has greatly affected the field of forensic science. Forensics is a field of science used to gather and analyze evidence to establish facts that are used in a legal scenario. The microscope is used to examine evidence collected in a crime scene that may have information not visible to the human eye.

How have Microorganisms changed our life?

How do micro-organisms affect our lives?
Micro-organisms affect our lives in two different ways.
GOOD WAY- There are lactic acid bacteria which convert milk into curd, cheese and several other milk products. They rot dead plants and animals.
BAD WAY- They can cause diseases and sicknesses. They also spoil food if it’s not stored or cooked properly.

A close Game

Yesterday in project maths we started doing a close game. We had a table of data it was a match of rugby union between Australia and New Zealand and we had to answer the questions that were related to the data. You had to look at the data and answer the questions. When the scoring was normal NZ won by 2 points when the scoring was like when you score a try it is only woth 4 points.

The great summation trick

Today in project maths we have continued on the 1-100 activity. I was not here yesterday but with my friend josh’s help I worked it out pretty quickly. At the start I worked out that there was 50 pairs the only number with now pair is 50 so I did 50×100+50=5050 because there is 50 pairs that go to gather to make 100 that is way it is way its 50×100 and then you plus 50 because 50 has no pair. So the answer is 5050. That is how I worked it out.


This term for my passion project, I am doing it on things to do around Ceres and on the farm. I am going to do things like riding my bike, tree climbing, playing tennis, playing footy and driving the Kubota. I think I will have lots of video and photos. It will be really easy to film because I can just do it round the farm and around ceres.

Term 2 Reflection

This term has been a really good term we have all learnt so much in every subject and I hope term 3 is just as good and I learn heaps.It has been a very busy term.Next term some of my goals are improving my report and also I want to get better at maths I think I am already alright at maths but I could get better.

This term we have had some good things and some bad things. One bad thing was saying goodbye to Mrs Stafford it was really sad seeing her go except now we get to have a great new teacher called Mrs Flakemore. This term we have also started a new subject called TED it is were we do a talk about something we are passionate about I did mine about why wars need to stop, and then we have the opportunity to read it out to parents and other teachers.

This term we have also done passion projects. It is were we choose something we are passionate about and make a video I did mine about tennis. You did not have to make a video you could also make something, for example my friend Henry made a footy it was really cool he also had a slide show but that part you don’t need to do.

One of my highlights for the year was when me and some of my friends got a magnifine glass and a leaf, it was quite a hot day and we held the magnifine glass up to the sun and shone the light onto the leaf. We held it there for a while and then the leaf started smoking and we nearly started a fire. It was so fun.



Sharing Passion Projects

Today we watched some more passion projects. We watched Jack’s Oli’s Hannah’s and Asha’s. First Oli’s I liked how Oli used some videos of when he went to the air show. Next Asha’s it was about her passion of gymnastics she did some really cool tricks I liked how she filmed it on a beach not just somewhere boring like the park. Then we watched Hannah’s it was about her passion for sowing. I like how she had a book and had a sample of the fabric she used. Lastly we watched Jack’s it was about his passion for mountain bike riding I like how he used a GoPro for his filming.

Sharing Passion Project

Today I watched Elly’s Josh’s Leo’s and Hugh’s Passion Project. First Elly’s I liked how she made something instead of making a video. Josh’s was really good I liked his start were he did a flip with sparkles in his hands it was really cool. Next Leo’s defiantly made me feel like booking a trip to Japan. Hugh’s was really good I liked how he interviewed his cousins.