Billiard Ball Bounces

For the past few lessons in project maths we have been learning about Billiard balls. This requires a lot of steps to do this and I really struggled at the start but then I started working with Jack we collaborated really well and found strategy’s In the first lesson we had some grid paper and we had 5 problems to solve and that really got me confused because we had a lot of grids like 5×6 and I could not solve it. It took me the whole lesson.

For lesson 2 we started to look for patterns so our teacher could say how many bounces would a 3×6 grid have and then we can answer it without using a piece of paper ruler and a paper grid. I was determined not to use the software and we didn’t and we figured out the answer.


I have decided I am going to do tennis for my passion project this term. I have already done tennis for one of my passion projects but we are allowed to do it again. I played a lot of tennis this week and I got a lot of footage but if I need more we have our local tennis courts so it should be good.

Conservation Film



The Philippines Crocodile is one of the most interesting animals on the earth, unfortunately, it is nearly extinct. This is our fault we need to fix this problem. You can help by making a small donation a few dollars would be a huge help. The Philippines Crocodile is classed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. The species is under great threat from habitat destruction and practices such as dynamite fishing. Dynamite fishing is when a dynamite is put in the water it blows up and kills animals around it, and then the animals rise to the water. The number of individuals surviving in the wild may be only in the hundreds. What are you going to do to help these poor animals?

In inquiry we have started a new unit. In this unit you had to pick a animal there was ten animals to choose from I picked the Philippines crocodile. We have to make a video about the animal and why the audience should help. Now we are up to making the script this Friday we are going to the zoo to get all the footage.

The sentence that is going to be a piece to camera is: The Philippines Crocodile is one of the most interesting animals on the earth, unfortunately, it is nearly extinct.

Some shots I want to get is a CU and a FS.





In RVE we have been looking at cultures. We had to pick a country, I picked France then we had to do a project on the culture of that country.

Some of the differences between Australia and France:

They have very different food for example they eat frogs legs and snails in France but here we have things like vegemite.

They speak a different language to us they speak French and we speak English.

They do different sports to us like there most popular sport is soccer ours is AFL.

We greet people differently, we shake hands our a kiss on the cheek, they kiss both cheeks.

Some of the similarities are:

We both have our own soccer teams, Socceroos and France.

We both play tennis.

We both have national parks.

We both have blue in our flag.

If I lived in France I think I would find the food would be the most challenging thing. I went to France when I was 4 and it wasn’t the best food I have ever had. I think it would be interesting living there for about a year and learn all the different things they do, for example what they do at the dinner table and stuff like that.



I have finished all my editing my PP looks really good. I have put bensound music behind it and it sounds really good. It was quite easy doing the editing because I have done it before and I know the process so it only took me about 1 hour to do all the editing. I had a small problem because I deleted the footage after I finished putting it in and it came up with other country words I didn’t know what happened but then I realised it was from deleting them so I got them out of my recycling bin and saved them again.


Last week there has been a guy from adobe come into year 6. He has taught all of us new skills such as making characters on adobe fuse and then importing them to Photoshop and then to character animater where you make them move. I have learnt how to put in a background and how to make your character move. However this takes a long time to do because you have to get used to the program and it gets really confusing because you cant do a lot if your not really good. My favourite program out of the adobe software is premier pro because it is very easy to use and you can enhance your film a lot. With my new skills I am going to make my passion project a lot more detailed by using character animater and Photoshop to get the best quality out of my editing. I am really happy Tim from Adobe came in last week I learnt so much.


Today we watched a crazy performance in the library.

It was about a boy named Hugo and he always wanted to play a computer game. For homework he has to read the Hobbit, he leaves it until the last minute. He ends up taking his dads computer to school. He hides in the library playing his game then the teacher hers the music from the game and. So Hugo hides the computer in some books. He ends up in a mess. he has to find the computer and turn it off before the robot from the game takes all the words.

I really liked this performance I thought it was really funny. Except it got boring at the end. I also think that technology helps a lot. I think that books are good but I think you learn a lot more on a phone or a laptop. For example if you want to look something up you cant look it up on a book, but you can look it up on a phone or a laptop. I really liked how he used the effect of lights. He also had a cool disco ball. I think the book shelves looked really realistic, I actually thought they were real until he took them off.

OTTT Pitch for Bollards




I am doing my project on the Geelong Bollards. I think I am going to talk about Matthew Flinders the Portuguese sailor, and how the pier burnt down and how they used the left over wood from the parts of the pier that did not get burnt to make the Bollards. I am going to use re-actments in my film explain what is happening.

Also I want to talk about why there is rabbits on some of the bollards. The reason there are rabbits on the bollards is because they were let go near Geelong and now they are everywhere and there are tons. The bollards start at Ripple side park and end at Lime burners Point. The bollards are definitely worth spreading because it is an amazing story. I think my favourite fact is about how the used the wood from the pier to make the Bollards.

My main thing I want to talk about is Matthew Flinders. Matthew Flinders was an English explorer, who was the leader of the first circumnavigation of Australia and identified it as a continent. I also really want to talk about how the pier burnt down. At the start for the opening shot I think we should have a drone shot of all the bollards. At the start of our film I would also like some pictures of the more famous bollards so the Matthew Flinders bollard is a definite and maybe some other one to.



As you already know I am doing my film about things to do around the farm and around ceres. It is going really well I have already done some of the filming for the tennis part. I was at the tennis courts with my friend and we did some filming and it looks really good. I have also already made my shotlist.