Term 2 Reflection

This term has been a really good term we have all learnt so much in every subject and I hope term 3 is just as good and I learn heaps.It has been a very busy term.Next term some of my goals are improving my report and also I want to get better at maths I think I am already alright at maths but I could get better.

This term we have had some good things and some bad things. One bad thing was saying goodbye to Mrs Stafford it was really sad seeing her go except now we get to have a great new teacher called Mrs Flakemore. This term we have also started a new subject called TED it is were we do a talk about something we are passionate about I did mine about why wars need to stop, and then we have the opportunity to read it out to parents and other teachers.

This term we have also done passion projects. It is were we choose something we are passionate about and make a video I did mine about tennis. You did not have to make a video you could also make something, for example my friend Henry made a footy it was really cool he also had a slide show but that part you don’t need to do.

One of my highlights for the year was when me and some of my friends got a magnifine glass and a leaf, it was quite a hot day and we held the magnifine glass up to the sun and shone the light onto the leaf. We held it there for a while and then the leaf started smoking and we nearly started a fire. It was so fun.



Sharing Passion Projects

Today we watched some more passion projects. We watched Jack’s Oli’s Hannah’s and Asha’s. First Oli’s I liked how Oli used some videos of when he went to the air show. Next Asha’s it was about her passion of gymnastics she did some really cool tricks I liked how she filmed it on a beach not just somewhere boring like the park. Then we watched Hannah’s it was about her passion for sowing. I like how she had a book and had a sample of the fabric she used. Lastly we watched Jack’s it was about his passion for mountain bike riding I like how he used a GoPro for his filming.

Sharing Passion Project

Today I watched Elly’s Josh’s Leo’s and Hugh’s Passion Project. First Elly’s I liked how she made something instead of making a video. Josh’s was really good I liked his start were he did a flip with sparkles in his hands it was really cool. Next Leo’s defiantly made me feel like booking a trip to Japan. Hugh’s was really good I liked how he interviewed his cousins.

A knights tour

In project maths we have been doing a knights tour we have to get the night to touch all the 64 and checkers on a chess board it can not touch the same one twice, and it can only do the patterns that a knight can do in chess which is an L shape. We have to record out thinking in our books. When we first started we just used a laminated piece of paper and a counter. We were all just exploring the game and checking out strategies you can use.

We also had a go on the virtual game. First I tried filling in all the corners but that did not work because I forgot to get rid of one of the squares so I got trapped and I could not get out of there. On my second go I did not use a strategy and I just pressed wherever but that did not work either I got trapped again. Then we where asked to have a look at the strategy part and it had a strategy called worst first and it worked a lot of the time.

Me as a reader

I like reading in bed. I can not read If there is any sound because it distracts me. I do not like long books because I get bored. My favourite book is Wonder.


In the last two weeks we have been doing our editing. Editing is one of the most important stages. I have added in most of my photos. I do not have much footage of me in it is only at the start an at the end. I also have not decided on what music I am going to use. With the credits I was not sure on how to make them roll so I looked it up on YouTube and now I know. For me this is easily the harders stage I am not very good with technology and I have made a lot of mistakes but I have also learnt a lot too.

Digital Netiquette

Today we watched a video about Digital Netiquette. They talked about flame wars, flame wars are when somebody try’s to make trouble on the internet and being rude also calling people mean things. Next is anonymous it means you do not know the identity of the person. Online sometimes people think if they call someone something mean or rude they are not going to feel guilty because they do not see the persons reaction. Communicating clearly to Communicate clearly you do not want to type in capital letters because it looks like your yelling and some people get upset. Also you don’t want to type as just one letter like how are u. You should do how are you. When you are online you need to get permission from the person if you are going to put a picture of them to make sure it is okay. Tim says “once your message is out, it’s out”


Reading Rant Billionaire Boy By David Walliams

Billionaire boy is about a boy who is rich and goes to a posh school but he does not like it because he cannot make a friend. He asks his dad if he can go to the local school to make a friend. On his first day he makes a friend, but his friend gets bullied he try’s to help but his friend does not appreciate it and they get into a fight. Then his dad pays a girl to pretend to like him and he finds out I won’t spoil anymore. The genre of the book is Humar because it is really funny.

I did not really like the story line because it was boring and I knew what was going to happen. If I was the author at the end I would have the boys not friends because you knew that they were going to be friends. I would recommend this to people who like Humar. I would give this a 3-10 because it got boring at parts.

Win at the fair

                                                                                      Win At The Fair

Lesson 1

To begin with I explored the game with Jack. I realised that 5.00 did not come up that much. I tried to figure it out and then I realised why it did not come up that much. It is because there are not many combination’s for the ones on the side so then the counter goes forward to the lowest payment so then the people at the fair get more money. Overall the fair people still get less money  because even though 50 cence is the most popular there are more combinations overall above one dollar. To record my data I used a table on my table there were most 50 cence and 1 dollar.


Lesson 2

In project maths we have continued with the fair activity. The people running the game are losing money because there are more combinations above 1.00 . Even though 20 cence and 50  have more combinations the rest add up to more. To make it a winner you could all the prices down so they win less money. Then that would make it a winner not a loser and then they would make more money. In the second session we started having a go on maths 300. I pressed the space bar over and over again and that made it move once so then I collected data from that because it is quicker.



Today I went down to the tennis courts and did all my filming. I only have two scenes so it did not take to long. The scenes I filmed are there two were I introduce my film and conclude my film.

They are the only bits of film I have in my video the rest is photos and voice overs. I think I am really organised because I still have three days before I had to do this blog but I am doing it now and I have already started a bit of the post production stage. I have put all my footage onto premier pro and now all I need to do is the voice overs.