They are fun 🤩and really complicated. Today we were on the oval and it was hot! and the sprinklers were on so we went in it. we tried to film it when i was running away from the drone. 😁


Sphero is a little robot that you can code. some things you can do with the SPHERO,

#1 You can change there colure.

#2 you can drive them without coding just for fun

#3 you can code them to move and to do lots of stuff you want them to.

So now you have an idea of what Sphero is I can tell you about the CHALLENGE we have to do. We are in groups and we have to code our SPHERO to go thru a maze we make out of carpet and masking tape. in my group we are making obstacles for our SPHERO to go thru like the BRIDGE, THE FINISH LINE and THE BOLING PINS. When the Sphero goes thru the finish line he has to knock down the bowlingpins down.in my group I have Aria and Ivy.


Hi Guys Sorry i fogot to do “FUN FACT FRIDAY EVEN THOUGH ITS MONDAY” i was so busy. sorry i fogot 🙁 😭😭😭😢

I feel Bad about it so next monday i will do 2 fun fact friday even though it is monday.😁🥳


Microbit is hard for me i can basically only put music in it. But just the other day i found out that you could use scratch to code for your MICROBIT. Learning with Mr Mckie is SO, SO, SO FUN!!!! but microbit is still very hard i want to do my best but i think i am not very good at it but i know i can learn how to be beater at it because that`s why we go to school. i do have a photo of my coding but it is not very good.