A knights tour

At the moment in project maths we have been working on knights tour. Which is this old game were you have to move your knight around the board and you have to touch each square once otherwise you are out there are 64 squares out of the whole board. A few strategies I used were […]


So far I have achieved a lot with my editing. One of the challenges I have faced are getting the audio to work and I did that by experimenting on the app and I learnt how to do it. My main focus was to give a verity of shots and a verity of dialog. For example […]

Digital etiquette

Today we have been looking at etiquette which is being nice to people online. People can mistake you for being mean if you write in caps lock and stuff like that. There are people on line who like to create flame wars which is when they say mean things about you and keep on saying them these […]


So far, I have had a little bit of success with my filming. However, it has been hard to get good footage when the conditions are bad. For example, it has been mostly onshore which bad conditions is. To get footage we worked out that on the weekend we would go out for 4 hours […]

win at the fair

Recently in project maths we have started to look at win at the fair. To start we explored the game. I recorded my answers with a tally. I noticed that if you rolled a 6 7 or 8 you would go straight so you were likely to go straight. This got me thinking about possibility’s and all that sort of […]

Birke bear

Today we watched another video on ted talks it was about this guy birke who is from south America and he is interested in chemical farming. So he researched all about it and found out that farmers mix fossil fuels into there grass to make it grow more. He also discovered that corn had rat […]

Tom gates by liz Pichon

The book I have been reading is tom gates it is all about this person tom who is always in trouble with his teacher and in his spare time, he likes to hang out with his best Derek and practise for their band, which is dog zombies. What I liked about it was when tom […]