Planning Stage

I have recently finished the planning stage. There were only a few challenging aspects such as deciding to do a interview over or not however I ended up choosing to do a interview because I figured that it would extremely enhance the film if I reflected back on it with pictures of my travel’s. I have also decided include travel tips about when you […]

My Passion Project

 I have decided to do Lennox Head because it is amazing and a beautiful place to travel however I also had lots of other ideas and it was challenging to make up my mind. For example I was thinking of choosing robe and extending my other passion project to make it very effective and to […]

The Hobbit

 I have recently finished the hobbit. I think that it is a really entertaining and very interesting book because it describes everything to a large extent however it is also my favourite genre which is fantasy. It is about this little hobbit called Bilbo Baggins who is a very polite and civilised except it all changed when […]


 So far we are at the editing stage with our passion projects. I have found that editing was the hardest stage because It takes heaps of time to transfer your footage onto the program. However once you get in the rhythm it starts to become really easy because all of the footage falls into place. I have […]


So far in my passion project I am at the production stage I have not found it very challenging because I have already got a heap of photos taken of me. However I still had to do a lot of different clips to make my film more detailed For example kicking the footy and my improvement […]


 So far we are up to the planning stage in our passion projects. What I am going to be showing in my film is shots of me playing footy with my club Barwon heads and my devolvement over the years I have been playing footy. However to make my film better I am including a whole […]

Adobe skills

 Recently there has been a guy from adobe pop into year 6. He has taught all of us new skills such as making characters on adobe fuse and then importing them to photoshop and then to character animater where you make them move. I have learnt how to put in a background and how to make […]

yeast feast

Recently we have been looking at micro organisms and yeast. I have found out that it needs a tight air space and a optional temperature for the chemicals reaction to collide which then makes the bread rise. We have demonstrated this in and experiment where you put the ingredients sugar water and yeast and putting a balloon over the […]

The library play

Today we watched a show called labourant library. It was about this kid Hugo who did not want to read books and all he wanted to do was play video games. However it got himself caught in the library because he did not know anything about books so he had to learn more about them and […]


The topic I am doing is the bollards. A few people I found ng was Mathew flinders and the Portuguese explorer. Here is what I found out. Mathew flinders was a captain of the hms he first landed at port Phillip bay in 1802 when he married his wife he thought that she would come with him […]