Passion Project

Recently I have finished my Passion Project in a precise matter. However it was extremely time consuming since, the footage consisted of multiple websites that sometimes proved unique and inefficient. For example there was not a large variety of video converters that produced a high resolution. Probably the best aspect to my film is that it is logical and direct allowing an […]


Over the past term in Triple R we have been focusing on the 16 habits of mind. Today we were focusing on empathy and how people have multiple unique perspectives. For example having empathy allows you to identify what people mean if they come up with an idea that does not have a certain clarity. The task we preformed to […]

Billiard Ball Bounces

Recently in project math’s we have been observing billiard ball bounces. The process became extremely familiar since there was not a large extent of mathematical sequences in which you relied on. For example, the problem consisted of using measurements and 45-degree angles to then set a course for the ball to land in a pit. To […]

Filming Stage

 Recently I have just completed my filming. However since I had footage of my travels the filming stage was unique and the variety of multiple shots included throughout the film, influenced the miner aspects in which the film consisted of to display themselves at a higher level of quality. So far, due to the certain […]

Conservation Film

Recently I have finished my script for the endangered animals. I chose to do the Gorilla since it is an interesting and unique animal however it also proved extremely easy to find reasons to defend it and also to find information. To enhance my film to a huge extent I am going to use lots […]

Planning Stage

I have recently finished the planning stage. There were only a few challenging aspects such as deciding to do a interview over or not however I ended up choosing to do a interview because I figured that it would extremely enhance the film if I reflected back on it with pictures of my travel’s. I have also decided include travel tips about when you […]

My Passion Project

 I have decided to do Lennox Head because it is amazing and a beautiful place to travel however I also had lots of other ideas and it was challenging to make up my mind. For example I was thinking of choosing robe and extending my other passion project to make it very effective and to […]

The Hobbit

 I have recently finished the hobbit. I think that it is a really entertaining and very interesting book because it describes everything to a large extent however it is also my favourite genre which is fantasy. It is about this little hobbit called Bilbo Baggins who is a very polite and civilised except it all changed when […]


 So far we are at the editing stage with our passion projects. I have found that editing was the hardest stage because It takes heaps of time to transfer your footage onto the program. However once you get in the rhythm it starts to become really easy because all of the footage falls into place. I have […]


So far in my passion project I am at the production stage I have not found it very challenging because I have already got a heap of photos taken of me. However I still had to do a lot of different clips to make my film more detailed For example kicking the footy and my improvement […]