Passion project

My passion project is going well, James and I are filming on Monday or Saturday and were are doing a mock how to be a soccer player I got this idea from this thing I found on how to be a skier (mock) thought I could do the same so James and I are going to St Joey’s to film all the pitch footage and his house for everything else.After filming we’ll edit our footage as I said  in my last passion project blog post last term I want to combine amazing effects with a good quality film but I’m not sure what editing tricks i’m going to use because if it’s a mock film there are not many effects  to use but I’ll make do.

Project maths 8/11/17 billiard ball bounce

the project was to find how many bounces it would take if it was a certain grid and always taking a 45-degree turn.We started by making a 6 by 10 then tried it took six goes after this we expermented with different numbers like 5by7 and others after this we looked at patterns I started by going 1×1 1×2 1×3 1×4 1×5 then i noticed it goes up 2 each time the next lesson we expermented with some formulas like x plus y minus 2 this was not working so josh robbie tommy and I worked together we eventully came to this while this worked for all it was very messy so we simplefied it down to this

this works for everthing exept decimals 1 lesson later we tried to find which pocket it would land in I work on this at the start of the second lesson but I didn’t properly finish it so we worked to finding which pocket it landed in we learnt that pime land composites arer involved after this we tryed different things for different combos like cp pp cc eventully we learnt that there is odd and even in the rules then we combined the two and came ot with this.

when it’s a cp and oo(odd and odd) it’s tr (top right) and cp and ee









equals tr and cp (composite and prime)and oe (odd and even) and that is tl(top left) and more some strategies I used were finding a pattern and trial and error I learnt to use the simplified version of harder algebra equations.On the way to school, i found the decimal formulas I found that 2.2 is the same as 22 so 8.8 and 2.2 is like saying 22 and 88 so I just use the normal formula.Then I tried to find what the formula for 1 decimal was and i found adding them both together then – 2 works but if the decimals even then start from 0.1 by x let’s say it’s five it will be 49 then a three each time there is a odd number 50 at 0.3 51 0.7 (does not work for five).Overall this was a very fun and challenging problem and I learnt a lot.

Passion project

it’s been obvious that I’m doing soccer but how? I’m going to do a film because I want to see my progression also James Hugo and I may head to joey’s together to help each other out with the film my goal as I said in my last passion project I want to balance out my effects with just a good film with no effects between my first film and the second.The reason I did soccer was it’s one of my favourite sports and we just won the grand final so I have some good pictures from that and I may have gameplay from futsal and I’ll go to joeys and film some stuff there I think I can make a really good film out of this.

Building views

Building views reflection 17/10/17

In the past few project maths lessons we have been exploring building this project there is two parts to this project in sheet 1 we had to turn a 2d representaion in to a 3d representation and show the front view and the side view a 2d representaion is this and heres 3d representation

so we had to change the 2d to 3d by building the blocks but we had to write the side and front views of the 2d representation the blocks help this but after building 3 i could do it in my head. On the second sheet we had to do the oppissite.The data we had showed the side view and the front view, we were required to build the minumim and the maximum and the minimum variations i found this harder than the other sheet because finding the varriations was difficult because of the little amount of blocks we could use. one way to solve it was by building it up to the maximum then working backwards to minimum another stratigie was testing all possible solutions and making a model the first sheet i found it quite easy because I did it in my head and i didn’t really need to make a model the second sheet the second sheet was harder because during the minimum I had to subtract blocks without taking away the views or making one block do two things the minimum was a lot harder than the maximum because you can add blocks but it’s harder to take away blocks. but the variations topped both of them because using the minimum blocks while making a different vareation.I’ve learnt to triple check because sometimes I can take some away but I don’t check so I end up not getting the min or max.Next, I want to do some work on the software because I didn’t get the chance to go on the software.Overall building views is really fun it taught me more about architecture.

Spanish culture

DOC200917-2he1cwu click here to look at my book

The past few weeks we have been working on finding a culture around the world ot of all the countries i chose spain i chose this because i thought about the running of the bulls and the sport in spain now it’s time to compare australia to spain there are many simularities but there are many differences too.

while bulls are genrally used for milk or meat spanish people  use these creatures to run away from in the running of the bulls this is a challenge of speed and agility obvisily it’s and dangerous sport but it seems safe to the bull fighters this is were the use the red flag to anger the bull then make it run through the flag and make the people skim death.On the other hand australia lay farely normal sports compared to spain there’s one sport that spanish people don’t play in that’s aussie rules (footy) this is a game of speed strength and meals seating arrangements are made for the guests for exaple ladies older people or guests of honour are seated first this doesn’t happen much in australia sometimes if it’s a special ocasion but not much the father of the family genraly sits at the head of the table it’s considered rude it be on the side althought in australia it doesn’t really matter all that much

some simularaties are we use the same manners iat a table such as no elbows on the table and knife in right hand and fork in left hand if not it’s considered rude and the host likes compliments on the meal also the plate should be empty this is a strick rule for both countrys just a policy in terms of sport Football (soccer) is played by both nations although spains achievements out pass australias by far they both play the sport the last time the sides faced the score was 3-0 spain in 2014 in fashion both countries are obsessed with making themselves look the best but wear different clothes.

If i lived in spain i think i would have a great time one of there favourite sports football (soccer) is based there and my favourite team is based in spain real madrid.Tfood sounds great and the culture is overall really great the only thing i might find challenging is maybe .ome of the manners rules but overall i think it would great to live in spanish culture and try there food and sport.

spain is a very cultured country and i will hopfully be able to go to spain one day to see it’s culture in 1st person. spain and australia have there differences and simularities bye.


Passion project reflection

Doing a second passion project felt weird it was like doing the same thing but different. I enjoyed doing it again and trying new editing techniques or better footage this passion project I went for really clean and good film with not too many special effects to make it complicated I felt like achieved that this time around. The only thing I would want to add is a few jumps. Some challenges I had were half way through my film premiere stopped working so I had to start from scratch.  The planning was definitely the hardest part for me because I found it hard to stick to an idea and get a clear film in my head so some of the shots weren’t actually on the shot list. My next film is going to be soccer so I want to make a film that’s clean with good effects. I am also going to start on week 1 to get the planning out of the way because I find that the hardest. This passion project has taught me a film that’s clean and has no loose ends with no effects is better than a film with good effects but really messy next passion project I hope to combined both.

Passion project two

for the past few weeks, I have been familiarizing myself with premiere pro because I haven’t been on it in a while I’m also thinking  of what editing techniques I could put into my film, I have plans to start filming on Saturday it has been delayed due to me having other things on the same night. I’m going to get it done as quickly as possible to leave time to edit.My goal in the editing is to put more effects in because last passion project I said I was going to do more effects this was because they didn’t fit so this time I want to do more effects (i will talk about them in my next post).

Passion project

For my passion project, I’m going to do motor bike riding.The reason I want to do this because I thought it would be a cool topic to do it on the message is to do have fun and live life this is for people who want to watch a cool video or like motor bike riding.I’m looking forward to filming the scene with fire (look in shot list).

we’re going to have to plan where to put the fire scene also how long it will take will it take a day or two I haven’t got many shots there mainly ms and is the reason is they work for the film I want to produce next I want to get into the filming of it all.Shotlist Planning Template (004)-ubbk0g

Gauss beats the teacher

the last couple of lessons we have been working on a problem this was based of a true story carl gauss but before that we did a quick warm up with blocks on making our stratigies faster.His teacher wanted to keep him busy so she said add up all of the numbers from 1 to 100 1+2+3+4+etc she left him but by the time she got to her desk carl had the answer and it was right.when we firstly got the problem I started with this stratigie I  1+99 2+98 etc this got me to the answer 4950 although theres 100 soloutions only 49 are actually soloutions the rest are double ups .Then i tried a different stratigie because I wasn’t completly sold so I used prior knowledge to find the answer again I know that 1 to 10 is 55 so 55×100=5050 this didn’t macth up so one of the stratigies didn’t work I then found that when I was using my first stratigie I didn’t count 100+0 so I didn’t get 5050.We were told that we had to find the quickest way well my first soloution ended up being the fastest way.Then we were set an extension to find the answer to the same problem just with odds the answer 2050 because theres 25 parirs.

Term 2 reflection

Term 2 has been a eventful term with many things happening such as passion projects,ted talks,mixcraft,and filled with too many blogs again.A few of my highlights were ted,passion project and mixcraft.Here i will talk about them in more detail.Before i talk about these i will do my three goals these i will try to do throughout next term. not talk while the teacher is.

2.don’t make uneccarsary comments.

3.use my time better.


Passion Project.

At the start of the term we were all put to the task of making a passion project.A passion project is a project of any type like a film presantaion or making something about a passion i had many ideas to start,soccer,skiing,motorbike riding.I ended up going with skiing because i thought skiing would be really cool and i thought a few people in my class would soccer I guess they had the same thought because only one person did it but anyway.After we found a passion we were devoted to we started our planning.This included a schedule and a shotlist for because i was doing a film i chose a film because i thought it would the most effective and was the easiest and best way for my topic.We start by filling in the schdule which ended up looking like this i didn’t really know what to do on the schdule so i looked on other people’s blog to see what they did and put my twist on it.

after the schudule i did the shotlist which is a plan of a film with the shot dialoge or voice over and what’s going on here’s what mine looks like.

after this i went straight into editing because i already had the footage from my holiday i found it hard to start bu then i remebered this clip of footage and it’s the perfect way to start after this i was on a roll then i came to a dilema my original music doesn’t work with the footage so i eventually found a song called invicable.Somethings i would change it to be longer because it’s too short i think my next passion project wil be motorbike riding.I enjoyed doing passion projects and i can’t wait to do my next one.



this term during music we have been using a program called mixcraft it is a program to make music during music we have learn’t many things like loops,tracks,picth adjustment.I found this very enjoyable because i really like music and i play an instrument.  we made 4 tasks. each task had a individle topic such as our first one was a disco piece involving only certain things like it can only be from a certain genre like rock or is one of my tasks

this was about a celtic music theme and had an A a B an other A section. during amaze_us i decided to do a tutorial on mixcraft this made me kinder a expert before year 6 i had fiddled around with but i hadn’t made anything really good mr hunt said next were putting us singing to our music and by singing i mean rap which sounds fun.If i could go back in time and change something i would spend more time and try and use some of the complex setting overall it was a really fun way of doing music i learn’t to keep trying and find your own way out of a problem Because alot of people didn’t know how to do what i needed.My next thing is to use songs from NCS or non copyright sound so i can make better music aswell as using the mixcraft beats.i will probally continue doing mixcraft and it might be a hobby of mine even after year 6.



TED talks this is what we did during our half way mark of term 2 we started by wacthing other people’s ted talks from year6 2016 and also the actuel ted talks at a conference we looked at what visuels they were using and there movements across stage and things like that after this we got our ideas my first idea was poverty then safty then i finally got my topic which is disabled people should get same oppurtunites at home i started to think up ideas of what i could do in the script.Then we got told to start our script i started with a pretty average script after having many conferences and checks on grammer editors i ended with a pretty good script here it is darcys ted script-1j2cahq

after doing many conferences our script were looking good now all we had to do was record them so i started and only got through 1/3  and it didn’t sound good so what i did was i did it all over again which was annoying after this i gathered all my pictures then it was a matter of putting it together we focused on putting the pictures and the words perfectly timed together after this my ted talk was looking really good after this we did like a art gallery of ted talks i looked at maxs ted’s and jame’s they all had one thing in commen a clear message it was cool to see how other people to the ted expereince they had the same base as me but then put there own twist if i could rewind time i would spend more time on the recordings and the pictures and timing.Ted talk was really fun but i found i was a  bit rushed during the process so maybe put across the term because i felt like i didn’t have enough time and felt like i had to rush my work.I will definitly be doing the live presantaion to add something extra to ted.

this term has been filled with exitment and filled with new things and still too many blogs next term will hopefully as good as this term but i still want to make the holidays go as long as possible next term i want to forfil my goals and start my semester 2 great.