Gauss beats the teacher

the last couple of lessons we have been working on a problem this was based of a true story carl gauss but before that we did a quick warm up with blocks on making our stratigies faster.His teacher wanted to keep him busy so she said add up all of the numbers from 1 to 100 1+2+3+4+etc she left him but by the time she got to her desk carl had the answer and it was right.when we firstly got the problem I started with this stratigie I  1+99 2+98 etc this got me to the answer 4950 although theres 100 soloutions only 49 are actually soloutions the rest are double ups .Then i tried a different stratigie because I wasn’t completly sold so I used prior knowledge to find the answer again I know that 1 to 10 is 55 so 55×100=5050 this didn’t macth up so one of the stratigies didn’t work I then found that when I was using my first stratigie I didn’t count 100+0 so I didn’t get 5050.We were told that we had to find the quickest way well my first soloution ended up being the fastest way.Then we were set an extension to find the answer to the same problem just with odds the answer 2050 because theres 25 parirs.

Term 2 reflection

Term 2 has been a eventful term with many things happening such as passion projects,ted talks,mixcraft,and filled with too many blogs again.A few of my highlights were ted,passion project and mixcraft.Here i will talk about them in more detail.Before i talk about these i will do my three goals these i will try to do throughout next term. not talk while the teacher is.

2.don’t make uneccarsary comments.

3.use my time better.


Passion Project.

At the start of the term we were all put to the task of making a passion project.A passion project is a project of any type like a film presantaion or making something about a passion i had many ideas to start,soccer,skiing,motorbike riding.I ended up going with skiing because i thought skiing would be really cool and i thought a few people in my class would soccer I guess they had the same thought because only one person did it but anyway.After we found a passion we were devoted to we started our planning.This included a schedule and a shotlist for because i was doing a film i chose a film because i thought it would the most effective and was the easiest and best way for my topic.We start by filling in the schdule which ended up looking like this i didn’t really know what to do on the schdule so i looked on other people’s blog to see what they did and put my twist on it.

after the schudule i did the shotlist which is a plan of a film with the shot dialoge or voice over and what’s going on here’s what mine looks like.

after this i went straight into editing because i already had the footage from my holiday i found it hard to start bu then i remebered this clip of footage and it’s the perfect way to start after this i was on a roll then i came to a dilema my original music doesn’t work with the footage so i eventually found a song called invicable.Somethings i would change it to be longer because it’s too short i think my next passion project wil be motorbike riding.I enjoyed doing passion projects and i can’t wait to do my next one.



this term during music we have been using a program called mixcraft it is a program to make music during music we have learn’t many things like loops,tracks,picth adjustment.I found this very enjoyable because i really like music and i play an instrument.  we made 4 tasks. each task had a individle topic such as our first one was a disco piece involving only certain things like it can only be from a certain genre like rock or is one of my tasks

this was about a celtic music theme and had an A a B an other A section. during amaze_us i decided to do a tutorial on mixcraft this made me kinder a expert before year 6 i had fiddled around with but i hadn’t made anything really good mr hunt said next were putting us singing to our music and by singing i mean rap which sounds fun.If i could go back in time and change something i would spend more time and try and use some of the complex setting overall it was a really fun way of doing music i learn’t to keep trying and find your own way out of a problem Because alot of people didn’t know how to do what i needed.My next thing is to use songs from NCS or non copyright sound so i can make better music aswell as using the mixcraft beats.i will probally continue doing mixcraft and it might be a hobby of mine even after year 6.



TED talks this is what we did during our half way mark of term 2 we started by wacthing other people’s ted talks from year6 2016 and also the actuel ted talks at a conference we looked at what visuels they were using and there movements across stage and things like that after this we got our ideas my first idea was poverty then safty then i finally got my topic which is disabled people should get same oppurtunites at home i started to think up ideas of what i could do in the script.Then we got told to start our script i started with a pretty average script after having many conferences and checks on grammer editors i ended with a pretty good script here it is darcys ted script-1j2cahq

after doing many conferences our script were looking good now all we had to do was record them so i started and only got through 1/3  and it didn’t sound good so what i did was i did it all over again which was annoying after this i gathered all my pictures then it was a matter of putting it together we focused on putting the pictures and the words perfectly timed together after this my ted talk was looking really good after this we did like a art gallery of ted talks i looked at maxs ted’s and jame’s they all had one thing in commen a clear message it was cool to see how other people to the ted expereince they had the same base as me but then put there own twist if i could rewind time i would spend more time on the recordings and the pictures and timing.Ted talk was really fun but i found i was a  bit rushed during the process so maybe put across the term because i felt like i didn’t have enough time and felt like i had to rush my work.I will definitly be doing the live presantaion to add something extra to ted.

this term has been filled with exitment and filled with new things and still too many blogs next term will hopefully as good as this term but i still want to make the holidays go as long as possible next term i want to forfil my goals and start my semester 2 great.


Aniamal farm

animal farm is a  book on a true event but it’s also a tale so it’s about a fsrm that’s got overrun by animals and starts by being an equal world or ideal and everthing goes right then the pig start to become as they say in the story all animals are eqaul but some are more equal than others, the story unties the story of the french with things like napolean and the election in the old days. this is showing french politics while still using a tale you can read it like the politics side or the tale side it’s got everthing this is for all ages.I personally like this book and you should try it to.

editing Passion project

so during my time in editing, I have finished my whole film except for the SFX I have found some music to use for my film the few effects are.I’ve thought of a few editing techniques I could use such as glitch effect, green screen, distortion effect, and maybe a lightning bolt.I’m definitely going to use more those were just the advanced ones. I’m having a bit of trouble with the glitch effect but nothing I can’t fix besides that everything’s going really good here is my film so far sorry can’t get it up

I hope to improve my effects to entertain my audience while still watching the film my editing techniques are ques for things that are cool such as 360,180 and more. My next step is to put the effects in and show it to my family to make any last minute changes.

boy overboard

boy overboard is a dramatic and sporty story from the author morris gleitzman.this is a story of a afghanastainen  family trying to refugee in australia because of the government trying to kill them. a passion of soccer drives and elaborate plan to overrule the government and show them that there way is wrong.During their time trying to escape they come across some pirates that holds them back from going to australia the characters are jemel main character bibi the sister and the parents. I highly recommend this book for soccer fans. the genre is a adventure crossed with culture but it’s really it’s a bit of everything. I liked the storyline and story but there’s one part i didn’t like which is the end because it left it too open for what i like and what most people liked and it was just too boring i would make it they make it too australia and something happens.Here i’ll make anotherchapter

Overall really book leaving you wanting to read the next page id give it a 7.5/10 and i would want to read the sequall.

session 4 pe

today  we showed our skills in a other few games i used these techniques and i performed these in a footy drill where it’s a race to pass in a line also to be the first to pass it to mrs colbert i went  well in these but i don’t know what techniques i need to do i still think i’m dropping the ball too early.

Win at the fair

For the past few project maths lessons we have been investigating win at the fair.This is a carnival game that the seller might use  basically you roll 2 die and if roll a certain number you go a certain way like if you roll 2,3,4,5 you go left if you roll 6,7,8 you go straight and if you get 9,10,11,12 you go right there’s prices of money on the sides and you land on a hexagon of money you gain this money it’s 1 dollar to play here’s the board so you can understand more.

So we played the game many times in groups of 2 using the original rules we recorded our data  here is my findings from these rules. 

After our class found there results we put the data on to a full class data board  here is ours.

our data shows that 1$ and 50c were the most common numbers coming up but we were gaining the most money from 5$ and 4$ even though they only came up 7or8 times from this data you can see that our games to profit ratio is not great with us only making 61 dollars but we had to give out 122 and our average payout  is 2 this is clearly not good. We thought how can we make a profit from this game so we brainstormed a ton of ideas here are our class ideas we also compared it with 6c data they played more games but they lost more than us.

here is our brainstorming ideas

after brainstorming our ideas we took them to paper and made our own board i decided i have made 2,3,4 going left and 5,6,7,8 going straight  9,10,11,12 going right i also made there no 5 dollars and 4,3 on the left side because then there’s less chance because it’s harder to roll small number and there’s less numbers on the left then i had 2,1 on the right and 20c and 10c and smack bam in the middle is a -2 and at the top a reroll also there’s 50c per roll 2$ for 5 rolls and 10000$ for a year i think people would play it and i tested it and i’m making a considerable amount f money here’s a photo\

After making them on paper we hopped maths 300 and made our boards sadly we could move the numbers to the left we could only change the way it goes and the prices so that was one of my challenges my first try i made this board.

this aren’t very good results because i have to give 64c every game and i have 642 dollars in 1000 games here is my last results.

of course less people will play but i’m making more money  i gained soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much money then before i think some people with play it and overall there will be a profit this made more than 300 dollars after finishing this i have a better understanding of money and data i didn’t really have any challenges beside not being able to change the rules .i made a money graph on it  this is my project maths reflection.

Birke Baehr Ted Talk

Birke baehr or whatever his name is, is a young boy and he talks about why you should know where your foods coming from and eating things that aren’t from there food systemAlso do not choose the plastic toy or flashy option because they’re not always the best.

So he asked himself how can i make a change so researched about the food system and found the truth about how and where food is manufactured and how it’s made.He talked about how seeds are genetically modified to make them grow faster or to combined two together which physically shouldn’t happen like he said a tomato and a fish just doesn’t work.

The message:the message was to know where your foods coming from and to buy locally.

Audience:the audience was people that don’t know what there buying or people that don’t know about the issue at hand.

Improvement:while we were discussing we found a few flaws like he had too many hand gestures  and relevant hand gestures.


Passion project #Production

So for many people this production for me this is the editing phase because I am using footage i already have from my times in other countries and in the interschools I’ve looked at the footage and found this and  that might suit it.I’m starting to put things together but there’s one problem i’ve got no idea what music for the film because my original music doesn’t really suit it  so i’m trying to find music this is what i’ve got so far it’s not much Presentation1-wb0p45.

During this week i hope to get 2/3 of the film done because i running ahead of  schedule i also got to add in the efects the first one i need to do is glitch effect.

Some of my successes  are finding footage for a good hook and a good start for a good buildup.

My message is to enjoy the moment because you may never get to live the moment ever again.