passion project

for passion project I am doing fishing but not in the sea this time it will be in the river I will be trying to fish for red fin or Perch its the same fish but different name they have red fins and that’s how they get their name so I will be recording on the weekends and I will use a gopro on my head and what bait to use and that’s what it will be like

billiard ball bounce

for project maths we did billiard ball bounce so what you do is you have some squares and you start at a corner and go and whenever it hit a side you tern and angle witch was 45 degree angle you did that until you hit a corner after we  got used to the grid paper and making the shapes we needed to start finding patterns and ways to solve the questions easer it was a bit frustrating because when you find something that works for some it doesn’t work for other so we went on the software and it was a bit easer to do because you didn’t need to write it all down but I still couldn’t find a strategy so miss Williamson gave me some help then it made sense so it was easer and this is what I got so if it was 12 9 you find as much commune factors as you can in the first one so like this 1,2,3,4, and you tack the 4 because its the bigger one and for the 9 you do the same so 1,3 take the 3 and minus 2 and you got 5

conservation film

for inquiry we are doing zoo scripts where we chose an animal from the SOS ten I chose orang-utan and we write a script about the animal then we will make a film and for the audience the main focuses was care and this is my script


The word Orangutan means person of the forest These large gentle apes share 97% of our DNA making them one of our closest relatives. They are highly intelligent, skillful at tool use and great problem solvers. Like us, each Orangutan has unique facial features and personalities. Unlike us, they spend most of their lives high up in trees. Orangutans are the largest tree-dwelling animals in the world. Adult males are up to 10 times stronger than an adult human witch is very strong. Adult males have flatter faces and big cheeks to help project their loud vocal calls through dense jungle. Humans are killing these awesome animals by cutting down there homes for one thing, palm oil. Palm oil is used for products such as shampoos chocolates chips and many other products If humans keep on cutting down their homes, they will become extinct in the next ten years which is terrible. Imagine if you were in your house then all of a sudden it falls down. That’s what it would be like for them every time you buy a product that has palm oil. You are supporting it and it will just get bigger and bigger so don’t buy something that has palm oil. Every time you don’t buy something that has palm oil it will help the forest and all the wild life and the Orangutans as the demand for palm oil will be so much low. You could save their lives.


I think I might do the first line witch is

The word Orangutan means person of the forest These large gentle apes share 97% of our DNA making them one of our closest relatives

the shots I think I will do is like panning shots of them closes ups and Meany other shots

      1.  <new Zealand flag         Australia flag> What are the differences? the difference from new Zealand to Australia isn’t much in a way there kind of the same besides the haka witch is a dance they do a lot its famous there
      2. What are the similarities? well the similarities is they both have the stars on there flag I forgot the name of what it is so ya
      3. If you lived in this culture, what would you find most interesting… and what would you find most challenging? um because every second year for Christmas we go down there for 2 weeks but if there was something challenging it would probably  be the cold wether sometimes but that’s about all I would find challenging and maybe the how they talk

fort Queenscliff

fort Queenscliff dates back to 1860 where there was well still is disappearing guns that where used in world war 2. they shot down enemy ships parsing through then goes back down to reload this mad its easier to reload because its lower to the ground and you can put the bullet in. the way it worked is when it shots it goes back down so you cant see it if you where the enemy so you don’t know were its coming from witch made it hard for the enemy team.

Carl gauss beats the teacher

for our project maths this week we had a task of solving a problem this problem was about this person called carl gauss who finished there maths and the teacher gave him a maths problem to solve and it was add all the numbers to 100 the teacher thought that would keep him busy but before the teacher got back to his desk carl gauss told him the answer and it was right it was 5050 so we had to find out the answer and find out how he did it.

oisi and I worked together and this is what we did (1-9=45)(10-18=126)(19-27=207) etc. and the total was 5050

and we also did all the uneven things and it was 25×100=2500 and that was easy


this is something we did as well its where you make a shape then instead of counting them all you do something like (6×3) or (3×4)+(1×6) its just a easier way of counting stuff so that’s all bye. . . .


term 2

term two was a new experience for me and for a lot of others two we did so much like maths French problem solving P.E drama sport music word study writers workshop home learning triple R #amaze us library and a lot more but the main focus this term was passion projects I found it really fun to do and make and we have started to do ted talks which is really cool to do because you do something that’s personal to you and you make a slide show and voice overs and things like that so I found it really fun this term beside the blogs and that stuff.


so my term 3 goals are

try not to talk when the teacher is

khan academy

make a good passion project


boy over board


boy over board by Morris gleitzman this book was about a boy a his family that lived in Afghanistan and he really liked soccer but there was a war going on down there and stuff like that he has a sister called bibby she was meant to stay in the house but one day she went out but she was only 8 so she didn’t understand and there mums a teacher but they keep it a secret because there’s not meant to be schools there or something like that so they needed to leave to Australia where it wold be safe and I goes on when they are going to Australia

I think its probably adventure  in a way don’t really know

well it was ok the text was ok

I would recommend this to people that are into this but maybe for that like action

I thought it was a ok book It wasn’t really the type I would read so I give it a 5/10

win at the fair

for project maths we have been doing win at the fair first we played a game that would not make money so bye that I mean its not a good fundraiser so we we’re set a task to make our own game as the one you can see in paper after that we tried it and it worked I did it 9 times and mad 14 dollars and the people playing mad 4 so it was pretty good then we went to our computers and that was different but that’s what you can see that but we needed to make over 300 dollars on it as you can see——————————————-><————-see how it sais average payout $0.11 that means that around every game that’s how much I give them but they pay one dollar to play so that means I tack $0.11 out of that $1.00 it =0.89 so that’s how much I make per game.

when we were on our computers we went to maths300 and mad the game and trailed it 1000 times so its good if the average payout is under a dollar because that means your making money but if it over your paying them witch is bad because you wont to win money.


we added all of the totals of the class and this is ours ———————>  


and this is 6C stuff——————->


Passion project #3

So my passion project is fishing as you know I have already started to edit my videos but there’s a problem with my editing app it’s keeps on deleting what I do so I went to someone and they helped so I think by Monday I will be finished editing and Tuesday I will do the credits and songs so I think it’s looks good so faf so that’s basically all I need to do and It will be ready 👍🎣