Royalty Free Music

After the ‘Shotgun Microphones‘ clinic, we moved onto Mr Galluccio’s next clinic. This clinic is about ‘Royalty Free Music’ but I’ll let my video blog explain the rest…:

Music really can touch peoples feelings and makes a film stronger than it is already. Other movies in the task were The Greatest Showman (upbeat), Star Wars (maybe more intense and heroic?) and Wonder (inspiring/sad). It was hard because I haven’t watched Star Wars or Wonder but I’ve heard people talk about it and from what I heard, I tried to figure oout what sort of genre they were. The other movie we had to find for was “IT”. This is a horror movie about a clown but I don’t know much more so all I needed to find was something that reminded me of a creepy clown. Everyone eventually ended up with the same one. I learnt a lot about music. Especially royalty free music which just means it has no copyright.

Thank you for reading my blog about this linic and hope you enjoyed! 😁


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