Audio Booths

After the ‘Shot lists and Storyboards‘ clinic,  we moved on to the ‘Audio Booths’ clinic. We will probably be using the audio booths a lot after we receive our director’s hat. As usual, we did a video blog to explain what we learnt in this clinic. Here is my video blog for this clinic:

Mr Galluccio showed us a picture of Fatima Ptacek, who is Dora the Explorer’s voice, talking in an audio booth. He showed us this because what she does is a really good example. Here is the picture he showed us:


There are many great voices out there but this voice is not only unique, but the person’s personality is perfect for anything. This is because of her enthusiasm and engagement she puts in her work. She makes sure her mouth is open so her voice is loud and clear, her distance from the microphone is perfect and her hand gestures can help her. It is really important to know the guidelines because if you don’t know, you could end up leaving your parents  paying for a new microphone! It is also important for your safety and others safety too. Sometimes people leave cables dangling from the microphone and people can injure themselves severely. So it is really REALLY important!Thank you for reading my reflection on this clinic and hope you enjoyed it! 😀

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