Presenting your Piece to a Camera

Our last clinic of the week was Mr Galluccio’s clinic called ‘Presenting your piece to a Camera’ after the ‘Point and Shoot Cameras‘ clinic. This clinic was really fun to do. For my featured image, I couldn’t find a good picture with a person looking at a camera so I made it a person looking at a person which is pretty similar, I guess…. Here is my video blog:

The tongue twister at the end really helped me understand this clinic because we had to consider everything that Mr Galluccio told us or we would have to keep retrying.This needed to be rehearsed a lot and I had quite a few takes even though it was the easy tongue twister… You never should feel confident without rehearsing and warm up. If you can feel confident and ace your video, then you would shock me! 😱

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed my reflection on this clinic!

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