I intend to create a film including me riding my bike at bike parks now that they are open. I created a film riding my bike last term but this term i will be able to go to bike park and other public trails. I’m planning on using premiere pro to edit. I’m looking forward to just riding my bike in general as a excuse to do school work.


So far I have started the first part of my montage, I have started looking for music for my Passion Project and I have built and time lapsed a jump with Harry McLean.

All the challenges I have come across have been quite big, all public bike parks have been closed due to Covid-19, the rest have been minor. An example would be a streak of bad weather.

The next step for me would to be adding clips and adding a clip of me explaining what my bike ‘is’.

   (Sorry for the blur)

#Description 2

For my Term 3 Passion Project,

I am intending on making a video on Adobe Premiere Pro, with me on my bike riding. I will travel to all bike tracks i can possible with a voice over rating every bike track on my personal liking.

I’m also going to have a Power Point talking about my bike and its parts.

Year 6 Science What is Matter?

Today Mr Galluccio taught Year 6 about matter and different states of it,

Here are some things i learnt.

What Is matter?

Matter is everywhere, anything that takes up space is matter or has mass. All matter is made up of substances called elements, which have specific chemical and physical properties. Matter/ mass is not weight.

BE Condensates was created only 25 years ago and is the only man made state of matter,

It is a  substance used to study quantum physics, to study this subject they had to put the temperature of the BE condensates down to almost absolute zero (-300 degrees Celsius)


What are the different states of matter?

There are 5 states of matter, Solids, Liquids, Gas’, Plasma and BE Condesates


Solids have mass

Has a definite volume

Has a definite Shape

The atoms in solids are tightly packed which helps them to hold there shape


Liquids have mass

No definite shape so they will take the shape of their container

Has a definite volume

Atoms are further apart so they can move around.


Has Mass

No definite volume

No definite shape but will take the shape of its container

Atoms are far apart.


No definite Shape

No definite Volume

No definite Shape

Takes up 99% of our universe.

BE Condensates:

Dont know about this state.


Liquids, Solids and Gas’ are the main states on earth.



I am going to make a Cricket batting montage explaining how to bat. i.e the different types of shots, how to play spin, how to use your feet to put power into your shot. After that has ended i am going to do a Before and after video of me playing cricket when i started and me playing now.

I will use my phone for recording and my laptop for editing. I will send all of my clips to my laptop and edit from there.

My Project is targeted at the whole class, although not many people in the class like cricket, i think they will like the before and after ( especially the before, i had some very interesting cricket faces)

I am looking forward to the filming and being able to go to the nets, also watching peoples reactions to my film, i am also looking forward to improving my editing knowledge and capability’s