Today (2/12/20) half of year 5 doing humming bird moved to a new design topic call “Drones“. I found this topic of design quite fun and I really enjoyed it. One thing I found a bit annoying was when you were flying the drones and then after a bit it would get a bit out […]

Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg I found that it takes many many tries to get the machine to do what you want to do even how small the machine is. I didn’t really have a plan for my project so i just made it up on the spot. The point of the machine is to pop the balloon, […]


Sphero For team 4 some of year 5 have has been doing Sphero. We have one day a week that all we do for that day is design. Last week we were just getting the hang of Sphero’s. We did a few challenges get how it works. Challenges When we first got the Sphero we […]

Micro bit

In 5A we have been doing micro:bit. You might be wondering what micro:bit is, well micro bit is a game that has a bunch of different programs to try out. When you press on one of the programs it gives you a little tutorial to help you out. Speaker              […]

Makey Makey

  Today our challenge was to make bongos out of an object around us. so much fun but a bit challeging,I found it hard when we finding a object that worked well and it really easy after I understood what I had to do. This is how we made our bongos, what we did was […]


Scratch is a program that you can learn how to code all different people, animals and a lot of other things. The people and animals are called sprite. You can also program the background to change when you want, and you can create your own background by drawing it. You can look at other peoples […]