Today (2/12/20) half of year 5 doing humming bird moved to a new design topic call “Drones“. I found this topic of design quite fun and I really enjoyed it.

One thing I found a bit annoying was when you were flying the drones and then after a bit it would get a bit out of control and non of the directions would make it come back to you. Another time when Abbie was controlling the drone it glitched and shot up really high in the sky, but these problems were really easy to solve, like solving the drone not coming back we would have to land it and then start it again, and a why we solved the drone not coming drown after it shot up we would prese the land button and since it was a bit windy it was landing quite slowly instead of shooting down and then start it up again.

Before we flow the drones we played a game called TELLO EDU, in this game you have to code your drone to move around blocks or make it land in the lunch pad to opened the finish portal, but if you went to far out of the finish portal you would have to restart and try get it right. I really enjoined this game because all of your friends could play it all together.


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