Humming Bird

For the past two weeks half of year 5 have been programming “Humming Bird”. The group doing humming bird split into groups to make there own electrical devices. I was in a group with Madi, Shayleigh and Harriet . We decided to make a bunny. What this project does is make the ears move side to side by two motor cords and the eyes and nose glow by three LED light cords.


The group I was in ran into some problems such as LED lights not working after they were working perfectly fine, a way we fixed this problem was by resetting the program and going back into it and then we would change the code just a little, like changing the number we had in the code and that would work. One time our mother board had a problem and that was quite annoying because we had to unplug a plug everything into a new mother board. When we were building the motor part of the project we ran into a problem, we couldn’t find any tutorials to help us get started so we didn’t now all the codes we needed we only knew a few cords we needed, like two motors and three LED light cords. Although we ran into a few problems I really enjoyed this project, this project really challenged my knowledge of coding.


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