For team 4 some of year 5 have has been doing Sphero. We have one day a week that all we do for that day is design. Last week we were just getting the hang of Sphero’s. We did a few challenges get how it works.


When we first got the Sphero we practised drive it with the drive function. 1. Once we got the hang of driving it we started to drive the Sphero through or our partners legs. 2. Another challenge was to try to make a 8 going around your partners leg. 3. Then we started to do code, we coded our Sphero do go in a square on its own. We could also try make it do other shapes. 4. Make a maze and code your Sphero to go though it by its own

How Sphero work

Sphero’s are small robots that are great to keep you entertained when you have nothing to do. Sphero are very hard to break and are water proof so they will last a long time. There are two functions to dive the Sphero first there is DRIVE and CODE. Drive function it were you can control your Sphero and the colour. Code function is were you can code your Sphero to go on its own. There is an aiming button that you need to make sure your the Sphero will go where you wont it to go, it always needs to be facing you. We are controlling it on I-pads but you can use it on many other devises

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