Micro bit

In 5A we have been doing micro:bit. You might be wondering what micro:bit is, well micro bit is a game that has a bunch of different programs to try out. When you press on one of the programs it gives you a little tutorial to help you out.

Speaker                                                                                                                                                                                  One of the programs i did was speaker. For the speaker program you need your micro:bit, battery pack, a USB cored, a speaker and 3 alligator clips. This is a bit of the code.


As you can see down below when you press A on your micro:bit it will play the song I chose, there is a list of songs you can chose out from. I also made it so when you press B it will play the birthday song.I ran into a problem with my USB cored  a few times, what happened was the USB cored wasn’t concerting to my computer so i couldn’t download the program.



Some of the most important pieces of code was ”on button A or B pressed”, and ”start melody chase repeating once”, these two pieces of code were very helpful because when you pressed on button A or B it would play the code you made, and the one that says ”start melody chase repeating once” was helpful because my project was about speakers and that piece of code was what music it was going to play when you press A or B.



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