Makey Makey


Today our challenge was to make bongos out of an object around us. so much fun but a bit challeging,I found it hard when we finding a object that worked well and it really easy after I understood what I had to do. This is how we made our bongos, what we did was get one fruit and our mother board and grabbed one cord then put the cord onto the space on the mother board, then put the other end of the cord into your fruit. Grab your usb cord and plug the small end in the little hole on the bottom of the mother board, and then put another cord in one of the holes and hole the other end, then go into work and press your fruit and I should make a space, or put another cord into one of the arrows and plug an other end of the cord into another fruit then when you go into the bongo app it will make sound when you tuck your fruit.


Electricity is a source of power used all over the world. People use electricity at work, school, cars, lights, computers charges, I-pads and phones charges and a lot of other things people use every day.

The things I use that have electricity are the lights in my house, washing machine, the oven, microwave, my frigde and a lot of other things I can’t think of.

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