Scratch is a program that you can learn how to code all different people, animals and a lot of other things. The people and animals are called sprite. You can also program the background to change when you want, and you can create your own background by drawing it. You can look at other peoples work and look, and their code, you can also search up sear-ten thing and it will came up with other peoples work that in vols what you searched up.

Build a Band

One of our challenges is called ” Build a band ”. In this our challenge is we have to make a band chose any interments and code a sound for them to make. You can also try making the sprite look they are playing the interments. I found it challenging because, it was hard to find the sounds that were good together. It  was easy choosing the background, people and interments.

10 Block Challenge

The first challenge we did was the ” 10 block challenge ”. We had a list of 10 blocks we could use, and you could repeat the blocks as many time you wanted. You could use all the different sprites and backgrounds. It was easy choosing the design and the theme for it. It was really hard to get it working how I wanted it to work.

Debug It

A challenge was ” debug it ”. There where 5 different code that had something wrong this them, it had a little box an it would say what was wrong  and what the creator wanted it to originally do then, you would have to see-inside the code and add the blocks you needed and make it right. I found it challenging getting the right blocks to make it work collectedly. The part that where easy was when you had to put the blocks together.








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