Parts, Purpose and Complexities.

This week 5C were given a task to take apart a piece of technology and write down Their Parts, Purpose and Complexities. First I drew a picture of the headset I brought in then wrote the parts I can see and their purpose. Then the tricky part, Complexities.  Here is the finished copy:

Headset Drawing


Now it was time to take it apart!

This was the first visible screws I could find, I found out that this covered the wires that ran from inside the headset to the Headphone.


Then i gave up on undoing screws, so I decided to rip off left Headphone and took of the padding from that goes on the ear and found yet again, More screws.


These were under the padding


10 screws later this is what I found. I finally found the battery pack and all the wires. this powers the LEDS. also I found the Bluetooth connecter. This plays the audio from the device.



This is what the battery pack and LEDs look like.

In conclusion i have found lots of new things i didn’t know about before, Now the fun part… Up-cycling


Now, The upcycling stage.

First I started brain storming ideas for something to make, then it hit me, A Vending Machine! I decided to combine my headset with Harry Mclean’s Rubiks Cube and Will Porter’s TV Remote. All we needed was these items to make the perfect vending machine. Immediately we grabbed our design books and got started. Here is my design:









Then we started building


So far we have built the base for the vending machine and we worked out we will have more than enough room inside for out tech.


This is how the mechanism works:

To make it work the buttons that you press on the vending machine are hooked up to the EV3 Brick. Then the brick starts the code to make the arm we built push the lollies off a platform inside the machine so the person can collect their item of choice. And then boom! Now you have your food.

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