For my project I have chosen to do The Block.



First i am trying to get the LDR photoresistor working. it works so if I hold my hand near the sensor it will turn on the li-


ghts will turn on, but if i take my hand away it will dim the lights. I am working towards programming the sensor. Here is a photo of my first attempt and the code ——>



My goal is to make a full room that includes:

  • Photoresistor Lights
  • Retractable Blinds
  • Temperature sensor for Air Conditioning
  • And a TV (LED Display)

Next i am workings towards building the retractable blinds. I am going to do this by using a turning motor and use it like a cog.

First Attempt



The challenge of making this come together was finding the right port for the circuit to power the LDR sensor module. this was hard because if you don’t get the right ports than the whole circuit doesn’t power.




To put the technology in I need a structure! So first Me and my Dad went to the Hardware store and bought some modelling wood, PVA Glue and Ply wood. Next we printed out a floorplan to refer to went cutting the wood. I sketched the floor of the model the proceeded to cut the base of the apartment. Eventually, I got a wooden floor to start sticking the walls onto.

Next was the painful job of measuring the walls up to scale so no walls were uneven. Then again we proceeded to cut the thin modelling wood out. While thinking we had a good cut we came across a problem. At the end of the cut it was spiking and ruff. We fixed this problem by getting some sand paper and wrapping it around a brick to smooth the edges out.

Now it was time to start gluing the walls onto the base of the apartment. I started by laying strips of glue onto where the walls go, then laying the walls into the glue. But the wood we were using were very thing to most of them had trouble staying up. This problem was easily Fixed by putting some sticky tape on the corners. Then later when the glue dried I took the sticky tape on the corners.

Now, after all that building here is the block so far:




The Block

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