Parts, Purpose and Complexities.

This week 5C were given a task to take apart a piece of technology and write down Their Parts, Purpose and Complexities. First I drew a picture of the headset I brought in then wrote the parts I can see and their purpose. Then the tricky part, Complexities.  Here is the finished copy:

Headset Drawing


Now it was time to take it apart!

This was the first visible screws I could find, I found out that this covered the wires that ran from inside the headset to the Headphone.


Then i gave up on undoing screws, so I decided to rip off left Headphone and took of the padding from that goes on the ear and found yet again, More screws.


These were under the padding


10 screws later this is what I found. I finally found the battery pack and all the wires. this powers the LEDS. also I found the Bluetooth connecter. This plays the audio from the device.



This is what the battery pack and LEDs look like.

In conclusion i have found lots of new things i didn’t know about before, Now the fun part… Up-cycling


Now, The upcycling stage.

First I started brain storming ideas for something to make, then it hit me, A Vending Machine! I decided to combine my headset with Harry Mclean’s Rubiks Cube and Will Porter’s TV Remote. All we needed was these items to make the perfect vending machine. Immediately we grabbed our design books and got started. Here is my design:









Then we started building


So far we have built the base for the vending machine and we worked out we will have more than enough room inside for out tech.


This is how the mechanism works:

To make it work the buttons that you press on the vending machine are hooked up to the EV3 Brick. Then the brick starts the code to make the arm we built push the lollies off a platform inside the machine so the person can collect their item of choice. And then boom! Now you have your food.

Term 4 Spheros!

This term we were set with a task of using Spheros! First Me, Harry and Will got assign our Sphero to start creating using tutorials, here are a few that we have made so far.



This is Animal Toss, the aim of this game is to throw the ball to each other but except when the ball has been caught and animal sound is played. Then the opponent has to guess the sound. This was challenging because we forgot to turn off stabilization so the code wouldn’t work too well. But we ended up fixing this problem.


This is the Spinner Top Game. in this project the faster you spin the Sphero the brighter the light shines. This was one of my favourites because we go to mess around with the Acelerometer. this measures the speed at which the Sphero is spinning. this was difficult because we accidently made the program so the speed it has to reach we put too high.






This is the Hot Potato Game. Sorry I don’t have the video for the game but I will do my best to explain it! So, in this game you have to get rid of the Sphero before the Sphero randomly glows red and that means your out. This was a fun one because you can play with as much friends as you want. But the most interesting part was the Random Block. This block is making the time when the Sphero changes colour to random. Overall I think this was the best one yet.



When we finished the tutorials we began brain storming a plan for our project. But, the best of all our ideas was to design a SKATE PARK!

First we drew a plan and discussed all the ramps we can do, This was the plan:


But now it has come to the tricky part, Building. We started off this process by collecting cardboard from enviro then we collected a lot of tape and started building our skatepark. building the first ramp was difficult because we realised it needed a run up so we had to move the ramp forward. tthen we added a back walll at the end to so it doesn’t fly off the table.

And we have our finished product, Here is some photos and videos:






The Block

For my project I have chosen to do The Block.



First i am trying to get the LDR photoresistor working. it works so if I hold my hand near the sensor it will turn on the li-


ghts will turn on, but if i take my hand away it will dim the lights. I am working towards programming the sensor. Here is a photo of my first attempt and the code ——>



My goal is to make a full room that includes:

  • Photoresistor Lights
  • Retractable Blinds
  • Temperature sensor for Air Conditioning
  • And a TV (LED Display)

Next i am workings towards building the retractable blinds. I am going to do this by using a turning motor and use it like a cog.

First Attempt



The challenge of making this come together was finding the right port for the circuit to power the LDR sensor module. this was hard because if you don’t get the right ports than the whole circuit doesn’t power.




To put the technology in I need a structure! So first Me and my Dad went to the Hardware store and bought some modelling wood, PVA Glue and Ply wood. Next we printed out a floorplan to refer to went cutting the wood. I sketched the floor of the model the proceeded to cut the base of the apartment. Eventually, I got a wooden floor to start sticking the walls onto.

Next was the painful job of measuring the walls up to scale so no walls were uneven. Then again we proceeded to cut the thin modelling wood out. While thinking we had a good cut we came across a problem. At the end of the cut it was spiking and ruff. We fixed this problem by getting some sand paper and wrapping it around a brick to smooth the edges out.

Now it was time to start gluing the walls onto the base of the apartment. I started by laying strips of glue onto where the walls go, then laying the walls into the glue. But the wood we were using were very thing to most of them had trouble staying up. This problem was easily Fixed by putting some sticky tape on the corners. Then later when the glue dried I took the sticky tape on the corners.

Now, after all that building here is the block so far:




Aussie Foods Project

This project is about the Australian Culture of our Snacks. The aim of this project is to show people our true Aussie culture


Vegemite Facts

The Formula is Kept a Secret

Like many iconic food brands, Vegemite keeps their exact recipe a fiercely Guarded secret

Its Name Was Picked Out Of A Hat

To drum up the publicity around their new product, The Fred Walker Company launched a nationwide competition to name it ahead of its debut. Hundreds of submissions were collected and Walker’s daughter pulled the winning entry out of a hat. The coiners of the name “Vegemite” were awarded $50 prize.


Arnott’s Facts

For 150 years, Arnott’s has been baking quality into our biscuits using finest ingredients. From sweet to savoury, chocolate to fruit, indulgence to simple pleasures.


Tim Tam Facts

Aussies eat 45 million packets of Tim Tams a year

Tim Tams went on the markets in February 1964

They were named after a horse after it won the Kentucky Derby in 1958



Bunnings Snag

At Bunnings you find in the carpark the most Genuine Snag of all time.



Fairy Bread Facts

Fairy Bread is a piece of bread (preferred white bread) with butter spread with delicacy and coated in sprinkles.


<-———— This is the Finished Copy!

Things I Found Hard

  •  I Found hard trying to connect everything to the cardboard box.
  • Trying to paint it without it slipping of the table!
  •  And trying to get the facts for the project. its very hard finding food facts!

Micro:Bit Python Editer: Simon Says

I Learnt:

  • If you make 1 error the whole program doesn’t work
  • It is really difficult to find the error
  • Lots. Of. Words.
  • It takes a long time.
  • Difficult to type for a long time without making a mistake
  • You have to understand the words to get it working
  • Lots of punctuation
  • You have to take your time
  • Look over it alot
  • Be patient

Thats what I learnt after using Python Editor

Semester 1 Highlight!

Semester 1 has been really good , But my favourite highlight is when we went to Serendip Sanctuary. we looked at birds and saw a Wedgetail eagle. We did the wildlife walk and saw a mum wallaby with her joey. Last but not least we looked at aboriginal artefacts. it was one of the best days in year 4. Have a good holiday, everyone!!

My Buddies Dodgeing

I did this game for my buddy Ben. the cat moves around and you have to dodge the basketballs to get to the cheesy puffs. I learnt how to use trails as well Would you play it?