May 28

digital etiquette

Today we watched a video with Tim and mobby about digital neddicit. Netiquette is a play on the word etiquette  bet with network crossed over.

Flaming is when people fight on the internet but no in real life.

trolls are mostly adults who just sit on the internet and try to start fights with other people.

Anonymous means someone who creates a profile that doesn’t have a name or is not there real name.

Communicating clearly means that when you text or email someone you have to use punctuation and no to use caps for the whole sentence because it looks like you are shouting.

Permission means before you post a picture of someone in-case they feel a fended.

Tim’s message was that if you text someone something and than have second thoughts about it you cant take it back.





May 22


In class we were taught the think  acronym and how we should act online. I cyber bulling is a massive problem in the modern world because cyber bullies act all tough online but if you confront them in real life they are not to tough any more. Also before you message someone ore contact someone you have to think before you do anything else.