November 7

Phase Fays Reflection

What is fays nines: is were you have three vertical rows that all have to add up to a certain number like how the ones have to add up to 19. exp:  7


9  would be the first row because it equals 19.

At first i thought the problem I didn’t understand because mist the first lesson but it slowly i got it because i understood that each row had to equal a certain number.


Really the only pattern I found out was if i needed to find one of the five answers for the 1’s i could just use a tens fact plus nine because the first row had to equal 19 and the method would equal 19.


I broke the problem into manageable parts buy splitting the questions into 1’s 10’s and 100’s and devoting one to each page,


I missed the first lesson so i got about as far as under standing the 1’s and 10’s. The answer to this problem is 180 because 180 divided by 5 equals 36  and there are 36 answers for every five solutions.


The hardest part about this problem is for me understanding how to figure out the answer and understanding how it was a sum.



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