September 7

Japan RVE

For RVE we have been asked to create a double page poster with information on a country of our choice. So I choose Japan!!!

japans culture is very different to other cultures in a good way. One way that japan is different  is the food, which is manly rice, sushi rolls dim sims and dumplings.


Some similarity between Australia and japan. Are no matter what language you speak there will always be someone that speaks your language. The food is tasty and on every corner you turn there is a shop that sells your cultures food.


Japan: Over 127 million people live in the country off japan. Shinzo Abe is the president of japan.

Australia: Over 24 million people live in Australia. Scot Morison is currently the Prime minister of Australia.

Living in jaoan something i would enjoy the most is probably the food because the food there is just so versatile and different from any other culture. From sushi rolls to rice to dumplings it is just amazing.

The thing I would find the most challenging would be learning of getting an idea of how to read and write. Because in Australia, the USA, England we all have the same language and letter shapes but japan has a different type of writing that is delicate strokes that form signs



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