June 7

Win at the Fair

The starting point of the win at the fair investigation was playing the original game board and seeing if that we as a class would make money this are the results the me and my partner Campbell found.


So than the whole class combined there findings to see if 6B as a class made money. It turns out that we lost alot of money and here is a picture of the talying.

We found out that this game didn’t make any money and we lost allot. We ended up losing over $100.

I was away for the next to weeks but while i was away they go to make there own game boards on maths 300, and design a game board that made them money and that was inticing and made the customers want to play it and think that they can make money. When they actually can’t. Her is a game board that i made that made me money but didn’t look very good so i dont think people would want to play it




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