June 17

# Reflect

For my passion project i decided was to make a wooden scooter.

Question 1: I am very happy that what I originally set out to do was my end product.

Question 2: One of the biggest challenges was the fact that when we put the piece of wood on the front of the scooter the scroos were either to long ore to short and i order fo the screws to reach the wood we had to add stoppers to make the screws longer.

Question 3: if i was to continue this project i would maybe paint the scooter different colours.

June 7

Win at the Fair

The starting point of the win at the fair investigation was playing the original game board and seeing if that we as a class would make money this are the results the me and my partner Campbell found.


So than the whole class combined there findings to see if 6B as a class made money. It turns out that we lost alot of money and here is a picture of the talying.

We found out that this game didn’t make any money and we lost allot. We ended up losing over $100.

I was away for the next to weeks but while i was away they go to make there own game boards on maths 300, and design a game board that made them money and that was inticing and made the customers want to play it and think that they can make money. When they actually can’t. Her is a game board that i made that made me money but didn’t look very good so i dont think people would want to play it




May 28

digital etiquette

Today we watched a video with Tim and mobby about digital neddicit. Netiquette is a play on the word etiquette  bet with network crossed over.

Flaming is when people fight on the internet but no in real life.

trolls are mostly adults who just sit on the internet and try to start fights with other people.

Anonymous means someone who creates a profile that doesn’t have a name or is not there real name.

Communicating clearly means that when you text or email someone you have to use punctuation and no to use caps for the whole sentence because it looks like you are shouting.

Permission means before you post a picture of someone in-case they feel a fended.

Tim’s message was that if you text someone something and than have second thoughts about it you cant take it back.





May 22

# update

It has been really hard to start my passion project because first my dad was in Italy running a marathon and he promised me that he would come to Bunnings with me to get the wood and then i was sick for a whole week so, I was pretty much in bed four four days straight and on the weekends i was very restfull so that i could get back to school on Monday. here is a picture of a scooter to show you waht the finished product will be based off.


May 22


In class we were taught the think  acronym and how we should act online. I cyber bulling is a massive problem in the modern world because cyber bullies act all tough online but if you confront them in real life they are not to tough any more. Also before you message someone ore contact someone you have to think before you do anything else.



April 29

# Description

# Description

For my passion project i am going to be making a wooden scooter. I am doing this because i live scootering and it is one of passions. I am also doing this because I  love making things. I also want to prove to myself what i can do, I also want to see how it turns out.


The only piece of technology i will use is my phone to record my progress and take pictures


April 26

Birke Baher TED Talk

Question 1: I think the main message from his ted talk it that there is something wrong with our food system and how we grow our produce, and that he is trying to make a difference and we can to.


Question 2: One of the things he used really well is that he put expression into his voice and talked really well so his accent didn’t matter. He also used his hand allot and was energetic. He also created a slideshow that he showed on the projector behind him.


Question 3: One of the big technical supports he had was the projector behind that he showed pictures on so the audience understood what he was talking about and to get the message across better.


Question 4: He used his hands really well as a presentation techniques and the fact that he didn’t really stills till he was always moving just a little bit so the audience didn’t get bored and was still interested the whole way through He also used the projector behind him to his advantage.


Image result for Birke Baehr ted talk

April 23

Richard Turere TED talk

Question 1: One of the main messages you could see very clearly was the fact that he really cared about the topic and he had been rehearsing a lot to make it as perfect as possible. You could always tell that he had done lots of research about the topic so he understood what he was talking about.


Question 2: He used the projector behind him to show pictures about his topic so the audience new what he was talking about, and also so they could understand and get a better picture about the topic. He also spoke quite clearly even though he had a bit of an accent I could understand him quiet clearly.


Question 3: Again he used the projector behind him to get the message across better so the audience felt for him and got ma visual picture of his topic. He also had a mic so that the audience could here him better.


Question 4: One of the presentation techniques he used really well was that he used his hands often so the audience stayed in treaged. He also stood up very straight so that the audience new that he cared allot.


Image result for richard turere ted talk
April 19

Thomas Suarez Ted talk

Question 1. One of the main things to take away from toms ted talk was that your posture counts, because it shows how confident you are. Also if you are nervous, try your best to speak clearly so people can understand you.


Question 2. He often kept I contact with theme so that the audience new that he cared about what he talked about. He often used his hands to get the point across that little bit better.


Question 3. In his arms he had a IPad which had his notes that he acationly glanced at. He also had this big projector behind him that he showed pictures of the apps he was talking about.


Question 4. One technique he used well was the fact that he stayed really centre  of stage so that all the audience could see him. He also was very enthusiastic and was very bubbly.

February 19

Film school

These are a few 60-90 second videos on what we have learnt in the first 5 sessions of film school

Cam cordrs




Presenting piece to camera




Camera equipment





Audio boothes






Zoom camera




Adobie premier




Wireless lapel




Shotgun mics



Green screen




Royalty free music




Shotlists and story boards