November 7

Phase Fays Reflection

What is fays nines: is were you have three vertical rows that all have to add up to a certain number like how the ones have to add up to 19. exp:  7


9  would be the first row because it equals 19.

At first i thought the problem I didn’t understand because mist the first lesson but it slowly i got it because i understood that each row had to equal a certain number.


Really the only pattern I found out was if i needed to find one of the five answers for the 1’s i could just use a tens fact plus nine because the first row had to equal 19 and the method would equal 19.


I broke the problem into manageable parts buy splitting the questions into 1’s 10’s and 100’s and devoting one to each page,


I missed the first lesson so i got about as far as under standing the 1’s and 10’s. The answer to this problem is 180 because 180 divided by 5 equals 36  and there are 36 answers for every five solutions.


The hardest part about this problem is for me understanding how to figure out the answer and understanding how it was a sum.



September 20

# Reflection

Question 1: I feel like i did achieve everything i wanted to do at the start of the term because my goal was to take some great photos and get out in nature.

Question 2: The best success that i had was looking back at the photos and  having the feeling of exceeding your own expectations. On how well the would turn out.

Question 3: The biggest challenge was, because i was using my phone trying to keep my hand steady and stop the photo from gong blurry and keeping it good quality.

Question 4:

September 7

Japan RVE

For RVE we have been asked to create a double page poster with information on a country of our choice. So I choose Japan!!!

japans culture is very different to other cultures in a good way. One way that japan is different  is the food, which is manly rice, sushi rolls dim sims and dumplings.


Some similarity between Australia and japan. Are no matter what language you speak there will always be someone that speaks your language. The food is tasty and on every corner you turn there is a shop that sells your cultures food.


Japan: Over 127 million people live in the country off japan. Shinzo Abe is the president of japan.

Australia: Over 24 million people live in Australia. Scot Morison is currently the Prime minister of Australia.

Living in jaoan something i would enjoy the most is probably the food because the food there is just so versatile and different from any other culture. From sushi rolls to rice to dumplings it is just amazing.

The thing I would find the most challenging would be learning of getting an idea of how to read and write. Because in Australia, the USA, England we all have the same language and letter shapes but japan has a different type of writing that is delicate strokes that form signs



August 27

# Update

For my passion project i have decided to do photography.  In my passion project i am up to the stage of taking the rest of my photos. I have already taken about a quarter of the photos and still have to take a bit more. Some learning i have done to help myself is taking the photos at different angles to get real texture in the photos. One of the challenges so far was, because i am using my phone it is hard to keep the photos clear and stop the glare from ruining it,



picture here

August 13

Lost Princess Digital Citizenship

Lost princess is a 14 minute film about how to be safe on line and not to trust anyone that you don’t know because online anyone can be anyone.

The character I am choosing is kiaran

question 1:  The problem that he ran into was that he started gaming when he was seven and started to get addicted and needed some help.

Question 2: He was so addicted that he didn’t come out of his room ore talk to his parents. Than he started not to shower each morning.

Question 3: He resolved the issue by telling his dad that he thought that he needed help and went tho a counceller to help him fix his problem.

August 3


Term 3 is finally here and is time for another passion project. So I have decided to do photography and I am very excited for this topic. The main place I am going to be taking my pictures is down at the Barwon river witch is right next to my house so it will be very handy. The camera i will be using is my phone. I am using my phone well because I don’t really have anything else and I am up for a challenge.

Here is some pictures of my phone so you get an idea of what i am using




June 17

# Reflect

For my passion project i decided was to make a wooden scooter.

Question 1: I am very happy that what I originally set out to do was my end product.

Question 2: One of the biggest challenges was the fact that when we put the piece of wood on the front of the scooter the scroos were either to long ore to short and i order fo the screws to reach the wood we had to add stoppers to make the screws longer.

Question 3: if i was to continue this project i would maybe paint the scooter different colours.

June 7

Win at the Fair

The starting point of the win at the fair investigation was playing the original game board and seeing if that we as a class would make money this are the results the me and my partner Campbell found.


So than the whole class combined there findings to see if 6B as a class made money. It turns out that we lost alot of money and here is a picture of the talying.

We found out that this game didn’t make any money and we lost allot. We ended up losing over $100.

I was away for the next to weeks but while i was away they go to make there own game boards on maths 300, and design a game board that made them money and that was inticing and made the customers want to play it and think that they can make money. When they actually can’t. Her is a game board that i made that made me money but didn’t look very good so i dont think people would want to play it




May 28

digital etiquette

Today we watched a video with Tim and mobby about digital neddicit. Netiquette is a play on the word etiquette  bet with network crossed over.

Flaming is when people fight on the internet but no in real life.

trolls are mostly adults who just sit on the internet and try to start fights with other people.

Anonymous means someone who creates a profile that doesn’t have a name or is not there real name.

Communicating clearly means that when you text or email someone you have to use punctuation and no to use caps for the whole sentence because it looks like you are shouting.

Permission means before you post a picture of someone in-case they feel a fended.

Tim’s message was that if you text someone something and than have second thoughts about it you cant take it back.