My Term 3 Reflection!!

schools-outHiya guys,

Term 3 has been a slightly challenging yet extremely rewarding experience. I have loved every bit of it, some bits more than others 😉

I have made lots of new friends or built up old ones from debating, music ensembles and throughout my learning in schoolwork. I have been liking my classes more (especially maths!), enjoying working independently and with my peers and loving learning about different topics in my various subjects.

How has Term 3 been for you? Leave a comment below……

See you soon Term 4! Oh, and everyone who is reading this………….!!!!

Cate 🙂

First Essay Done!

damnHey Everyone,

I have finished my first essay! It was a rewarding experience, I was really happy with my final result. At the start I found it a little bit boring but after that I really liked finding evidence and working out the structure.

This was really fun, I hope you liked writing this essay, I certainly did!

See ya,

Cate 🙂

First APS Win!!!!!!

hockey blogsYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done girls, first hockey win of the season, amazing work!!

Hiya Guys!

So, last week the Yr 7/8 APS Girls Hockey Team won their first match 3-1!! It was an amazing game and we all played really well.

Well done to the 3 girls who scored the goals (Avah, Brooke and myself), but those goals wouldn’t have actually been goals without everyone else’s help. Well done Avah, Brooke, Annabelle, Soph, Audrey, Maeve, Immy, Evie, Astrid and Alana (please tell me if I’ve missed anyone out, I’m really sorry if I did!), thanks for all your help and support throughout the season, it has been really fun to share it with you guys!

The team’s special thanks go to Mr Smith, you have been a brilliant coach, despite all the Tuesday morning puns!!

Thanks guys!!!!!

Cate 🙂

All About Me!!!!! :)

Hey guys,

Here is a post all about me! For those who were here last year, you may have seen my all about me post from last year, but I deleted it at the start of this year, along with all my other Year 6 posts. Now, to get on with it…………

Favourite colour: Blue!!!! Well, a light navy actually………..

Favourite food: CHOCOLATE!!!! My motto: Life without chocolate isn’t a life at all 😉

Favourite sport: Hockey, been doing hockey for 4 years now and loving it!

middle name: Harriet (commonly called Harry!!)

Nickname: Ducky (long story), Kitty or Harry………………

In my spare time (not much of that, I’m afraid!) I like to hang out with my friends, travel, play with my dog Romeo or siblings, art (all kinds even though I’m not very good at drawing)

My afternoon(and morning *groan*) activities include: Stage Band, Hockey, Rowing, Sailing, Orchestra and Concert Band, Running, Surf Life Saving and Swimming (so my weeks are pretty full!!!!!)

What do you like to do? Being with friends? Chasing your pet? What’s your favourite sport?

Comment below…..

Cate 🙂



Hi Everyone

Right now I am reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which is the 7th and last book in the series.

I have loved the whole series and I strongly recommend this series.

when I was younger I sort of said to myself that I wasn’t going to read harry potter and I wasn’t really hooked. then last year my best friends from Tasmania said I had to read them. they are both crazy about harry potter, read them all about 17 times. so I had to try.

and the first book just caught me straight away.

I loved it.

read these books!

cate 🙂

Term 1 Goal Reflection

Hi Everyone!

Today I am reflecting on how my goal has gone through Term 1.

My goal was to persevere when the work gets a bit challenging.

My other goal was to get better at any kind of maths like square roots and decimals.

I achieved both goals, I am happy to say. I was very happy with my maths, I have improved a lot. With self-belief, I have gotten heaps better with believing in myself.

I think my maths was a very worthwhile goal because it encouraged me to do my best, which kind of links into my other goal.

The area of my goal for next Term will be again maths, because even though I have achieved my maths goal this term, I still want to get up to a higher level and enjoy it a bit more.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Cate ??

Term 1 Goals

My goals for Term 1 are:

  • Persevere with myself when  the work gets a bit challenging and have self-belief in all I do.
  • Get better at all sorts of maths- Square Roots, Decimals, Changing Percentages into Fractions.

I want to achieve these goals because sometimes I don’t have self-belief in my work if it gets challenging. I want to achieve my maths goal because I don’t think I’m very good at maths and sometimes I don’t understand all of it.

The actions to achieve these goals are:

  • If I get a piece of work that is a bit challenging, have a go and if I get stuck, ask for a bit of help to start and then go on by myself.
  • Keep telling myself that I can do it and all I need is self-belief.
  • Even though maths isn’t my favourite subject, I’ve always wanted to get a bit better at it and get a better understanding of certain topics in the subject. I will ask questions of my teachers and keep persisting. I am going to keep challenging myself and trying different strategies to understand maths a bit more.

I think these goals are realistic for me because sometimes I don’t really believe that I am good at maths (this answer ties in both of my goals) and I really want to get a better understanding of the different topics so I need to remind myself that I can do it and I can have self-belief.

I presume my goals will take approximately 5-6 weeks of the first term.

I think my homeroom mentors (and all other teachers) will help me with self-belief and my maths teachers could help me with my maths goal of understanding and being better at maths!!!

What kind of goals do you have?

Cate 🙂