LEarNing POsT – TeRM 4, WeeK SeVEn

Please note: <<!!CAPITALS IN THE MIDDLE OF WORDS ARE INTENTIONAL!!>> ^^^^^^ Looks cool doesn’t it??????? ^^^^^^ Anyway just got that off my mind… So back to the topic; LEARNING! Here we are: *pop* (magical noises…….) English In English I have finally and I mean FINALLY published the Adventures of Nuro Fen and Strep Sil. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! […]

Learning Post – Term 4, Week 4

What’s going on guys? Lukas here! So this week I’ll be recounting… wait… You guessed it! My LEARNING!!!!!!!! So here we are: Maths So in maths we have finished the Angles project an continued the Algebra one. Instead of in your normal algebra though we did something a little bit different this week. Yup that’s right different. […]