For 2 days we have been flying and coding drones. I love flying them the drones (not saying I’m the best though). The coding part was kind of easy and we made squares and rectangles. The Tello EDU app was annoying because the graphics every block you go on it stopped the Drone. The funniest part was when Gully was flying it and then flew at him and he ducked down just in time. We helped with this video by filming but it was mainly Joe and Lucas so thanks to them and here is the clip. our group was Lachie, Gully, Dash and me. Then joe and Lucas came because there where not enough drones for everyone. There is the code for the shapes. In the video the music is very annoying (not my choice). all the glitches are the wind blowing the drone.

We have been doing a couple of other shapes and things here is a couple of them.


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