November 6

Fays Nines Reflection

The task was that we had to use digits from 1-9 so that they can add up to 999.     [] [] []

[] [] []

[] [] []

+ ————–


When I first started to try and solve this problem I was very confused and didn’t know what to do and how to get a answer. but then with a few friends we started fiddling with the pieces and found an answer and that Leeds on to the next question.

The patterns that we started to notice was hat the units colem had to equal 19 the tens colem had to equal 18 and the hundreds colem had to equal 8 and we learnt that because the units colem equals 19 and we need nine that we carry the one from the 19 onto the tens and then you will get 19 for the tens and then you carry the one from the tens and it keeps going on.

we broke it into manageable parts by using the method that I just showed you and then we got a lot more answers a lot faster.

I think that I got pretty far in the investigation but I done’t think that I got all of the answers. I think that the answer is 180 because one number can go in the middle 20 times and it will still be a different answer. and 20×9=180.

This project was challenging because  we had to find 180 answers and that is a lot of answers. it was also challenging because we had to find a pattern.