September 7

RVE Croatia

A couple weeks ago we had to chose a country and to a two page spread about the country we had to write facts there religions what they eat and what there main sport was i chose Croatia.

Some of the differences are the food that we eat and sport that we play like how Croatia like to play soccer and Australia like to play footy or AFL. Croatia also eat different food like cevapi i am an Australian but my favourite food is cevapi. Cevapi is like a small lamb sausage i’m not sure why but it tastes really nice. they also celebrate different things like they have a carnival called the Rijeka carnival and everyone wears ugly masks to chase away the demons and the evil.

Some of the similarities are that Australia like to eat sausages and Croatia like to eat cevapi. We also both play soccer they call it football but we call it soccer and its not really are main sport but in Croatia they love soccer.

If i were to live in Croatia i think the most interesting thing would probably be watch everyone when there is a carnival going on or all of the different foods that they have. I think the most challenging thing would be getting used to all of the foods and other thing that Croatians do differently to use.


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