August 16

The lost princess

The lost princess is a short film about how people can get scammed and share there personal information to people that they have never met before. They also talked about how you should keep your password details in your head or somewhere where no one will find it.

The Lost Princess-Kieran

Kieran was addicted to playing video games all day mostly he would play for 13 hours each day and he would be playing long after his parents had gone to bed. At the age 15 he dropped out of school because he just wanted to play video games all day.

I think it negatively affected there lives because he would be falling asleep in class because he would of had no sleep because he would be playing video games all night and if he fell asleep in class he would have learnt nothing and his parents are paying for him to go to school and learn nothing.

I think the issue got resolved because Kieran started to relies that he was playing video games way to much and that he needs to start to listening to the teacher in school. He then went to his dad and asked to get some help because he had been playing games to much.

I think the could have done something differently by taking all of the video games away from Kieran so he couldn’t play as much as he did. I also think they could have set up a camera up in Kierans room so the could monitor him and make sure that he didn’t play games after they had gone to sleep.

I think the biggest message to take away from the video was the internet is sometimes an amazing place and sometimes it can be the worst part of your life i think if you don’t know the person in real life then don’t talk to them and don’t meet up with them in real life.



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