June 8

Win At The Fair

session 1

First Mr G said that we were starting something called win at the fair and he showed us all a game board but what we didn’t now is that the game board was a losing game board and when we all got partners and tallied all of our winnings or all of our losings we had ended up losing $336.40 and all together we ended up playing 149 games so we had just played 149 games and lost $336.40 dollars. here is the game board and my classes results.

session 2

So after we had played the losing game we then started to make are own games on sheets of paper and i was working with Leo and we added little things in our game like water flow and grass so if you got stuck in grass you would have to go back a square and water flow means you go up a square we then tested all of are game boards. my game board was very hard to win a big prize. this is my game board.  my water flow is the blue and the little green bits at the start is the grass.

session 3

in session 3 Mr G said that there is a program called maths 300 that has the same game win at the fair so we had to try to make a winning game board. we had to change the game boards up a bit because we couldn’t have something like water flow our grass and we couldn’t move the prizes around they had to stay on the outside of the game board like the original¬† game board. once we had made our game boards on the app we then had to put in how ever many games the app was going to calculate we all decided that we were going to play 1000 games. and we had to keep on improving the game board until we had a winning one. at the end of the calculations it would show you all of your calculation so you can see if you have a winning game board. this was one of my winning game boards and calculations.

session 4

in session 4 we were doing the exacted same thing as we were doing in session 3 but trying to win even more money and improve our game boards.

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