May 31

Digital Etiquette


Netiquette is a shorter word for digital etiquette and it means to be kind on the internet.

Flaming/Flam Wars 

Flam wars is something were if you get In a fight with someone on the internet and it turns into a war.


A troll is someone that sits on there but in there room and try to start flam wars and get people really mad.


An anonymous person is someone who says there name is something like Luke but there actual name is nick and they could be a troll.

Communicating Clearly

communicating clearly is to not use capital letters because it seems like you are yelling. and to use the right Emojis because someone could link it is an insult.


before you post something on the internet of one of your friends our family members you need to have permission to post it by the person that is in the photo or video.

when Tim says once you post something on the internet its out he means that once you have posted the photo or video you cant take it down or delete the post.



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