April 29

Passion Project


  For my passion project i will be recreating amazing soccer goals. i am doing this for my passion project because i love to play soccer and i thought i should recreate some of the most famous goals in the world. all i will need is a ball a goal and a camera to film on. Image result for someone doing a bycicle kick

April 29

Birke Beahr TED Talk

Some of the main takeaways are you should always buy your food from a local farmer and now what has happened to the food. another takeaway is to be careful of what you put in your mouth.

I think he got the messages across to the audience by using the big screen behind him because it really helped to visualise what he was talking about.

Some of the technical support was the big screen behind him to show a lot of photos of some of the stuff that goes into our everyday food.

I think some of the presentation technics¬† he used were using his hands but it didn’t really have a big affect because he used them way to much.

April 23

Richard Turere’s TED Talk

I think some of the takeaways were tImage result for richard turerehat everyone can make a big difference to the world. also that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything and that lions are smart.

I think he got the messages out to the audience by have a big screen behind him with a slide show of what he is talking about. in the slide show he also had some graphic images to prove his point and show people that this is serious.

I think some of the technical support was the big screen behind him and i think if he didn’t have the big screen behind him it would be really hard to understand. he also had the lights there to help people understand what they look like and how they work.

Some of the presentation Technics were when he made a joke he did a little laugh so the audience new it was okay to laugh and they needed to now when to laugh because it was a very serious TED talk. he also used the humour at the right time because he would have serious then humour serious then humour ex.

April 19

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

  1. some of the main messages where anyone no matter what age you are you can make an program. You should always follow your passion.
  2. Thomas got the messages to the audience by being very clear on what he was saying and felt very comfortable with what he was saying. he also used hand jesters to feel more calm when he was talking to the audience.
  3. the technical support was he had his I pad in his hand to help if he forgot what he was supposed to say. and he also had the big screen behind him and a little controller in his hand so when he started to talk about the next thing he would always have a picture of what he is talking about on the big screen behind him.
  4. the presentation techniques were he always had his eyes to the audience and pretty much only look at the I pad in his hand about 4 or 5 but the times he did look at the I pad it was only for about 1sec. also every time he changed the picture on the big screen he would always look up at the big screen for a little bit just to make sure it was on the right slide.