May 8

Lego Robots

session 1

Today we made Lego robots in design. for the next term we all had to try programing the robot to do commands like going forward turning around and then going back to the start.

session 2 

May 8

What is a robot

What is a robot?

A robot is a complicated machine that doesn’t need any food, water and breaks. Robots were made to do things that humans didn’t wont to do because it was to dangerous. So they programed a robot to do the thing that no one has ever done.


What is needed to make a robot work?

To make a robot you need to have a computer, a program like micro worlds to make a program. To make the robot do something you need to program it. The other items you need to make a robot work is a mind that can think outside of the box when you run into problems like the program is fine and you have tested it on other robots and the thing that isn’t right is the robot its self.


What is a program?

A program is where you code words into commands that you have to make yourself. A program is a complex line of coding that will make a robot or anything that has a technological chip. only tech can be programed into what ever you desire.


Why do you think people invented robots?

I think people invented robots because there were jobs and things that had to be done that were to dangerous for a human for a human to attempt so people made a robot to do the work for them. We made robots because you can make another robot but you cant make another human