March 21

Craft power

Today after recess 5c went to the year six rooms and had a craft session with a man called Anatoli. we had a little quiz about tools before we started. in the quiz we had to name the tools that Anatoli held up. Anatoli told us that we were going to make cars. I remember in year 2 he came and did the same presses so I made a pretty good car. after that he showed everyone how to make a car. I think it helped alot of people make there cars. after we started to make the cars I was on a bench by my own. we had to take a template and  peace of wood and draw around the template. once you have done that you then you have to grab a tool called a coping saw and you had to saw the wood until you get a shape of a car I chose a Ferrari for my car. each car has a friction motare to make it move. when I finishied my car I had to build a little driver for my car. I had to get a little bloke of wood and nail the man to the wood so Anatoli can hot glue gun the man to the car. then I finished my car. soon we will be painting our cars. here are some photos of the session.



March 15

sorting quadrilateral’s


parallel- two opposite sides that will never touch

opposite- two sides facing each other

congruent- sides that are the same length

adjacent- sides that are next to each other

acute angle- a angle that is less then a quarter of a turn

obtuse angle- a angle that is lager then a quarter turn but smaller then a half turn

reflex angle- a angle that is lager then a straight angle more then a half turn

March 10


Today we were told to go and play a game called addo with a friend. Addo is a game were you draw a three bye three box and put numbers up to twenty in the nine little boxes. When you have put your numbers in the boxes you have little cards that say a number up to twenty on them. You and your friend pick up a card and then you have to add the two numbers together and if you have the number that answers the question on your board then you cross the number off that you have. It is the first one to cross three in a row off there board. You want to change the numbers every game until you get the best board you can.

session 1

In session one we were just fingering out how to play the game. I made a really good board but then my partner Stoll it and I had to come up with a better board but I didn’t and he kept beating me. Try playing with your friend one day it is really fun.

session 2 

In session two we were trying to make the best board we could. By doing that we had to find out what numbers would come up the most. We all found out with a little bit of research that 10 and 11 were the most numbers to come up because, there were more ways to make those numbers. I then put 10 in the middle because it was the most popular number to come up. Then I put 11 and all the other best numbers like 14,13,9 and 8 around the ten so I would win most of the time this was my winning board but it didn’t win all the time. I hope you liked my blog bye.