September 20


I think that I have achieved what I originally set out to do which was to make a little video game on scratch, scratch is a programming website that I use to make some games when I am bored. Some of the success were that I finished a game that runs well and I think is very fun. Some of the challenges were if I got stuck on something or a little bit of programming didn’t work then I would have to find out what was wrong and then fix it. I overcame the challenges by trying to look at the program over and over again and if I still didn’t find what was wrong then I would go onto you tube and search up what was wrong. I reckon I could extend my learning by adding a bit more fun things to the game and learn a bit more programs along the way.

By Jack Sadler

September 7

RVE Croatia

A couple weeks ago we had to chose a country and to a two page spread about the country we had to write facts there religions what they eat and what there main sport was i chose Croatia.

Some of the differences are the food that we eat and sport that we play like how Croatia like to play soccer and Australia like to play footy or AFL. Croatia also eat different food like cevapi i am an Australian but my favourite food is cevapi. Cevapi is like a small lamb sausage i’m not sure why but it tastes really nice. they also celebrate different things like they have a carnival called the Rijeka carnival and everyone wears ugly masks to chase away the demons and the evil.

Some of the similarities are that Australia like to eat sausages and Croatia like to eat cevapi. We also both play soccer they call it football but we call it soccer and its not really are main sport but in Croatia they love soccer.

If i were to live in Croatia i think the most interesting thing would probably be watch everyone when there is a carnival going on or all of the different foods that they have. I think the most challenging thing would be getting used to all of the foods and other thing that Croatians do differently to use.


August 27


So far I have achieved making my game so that you can play it and fixing all of my problems when I ran into an error. I have learnt to program more harder things like having lives and having zombies follow you. Some of my successes have been making everything do its job well and some challenges so far are trying to fix problems that I had no idea how to fix. I think the next step for me is making the main character switch his gun and having a home screen so it doesn’t go right into the game. This is what the game looks like.

August 16

The lost princess

The lost princess is a short film about how people can get scammed and share there personal information to people that they have never met before. They also talked about how you should keep your password details in your head or somewhere where no one will find it.

The Lost Princess-Kieran

Kieran was addicted to playing video games all day mostly he would play for 13 hours each day and he would be playing long after his parents had gone to bed. At the age 15 he dropped out of school because he just wanted to play video games all day.

I think it negatively affected there lives because he would be falling asleep in class because he would of had no sleep because he would be playing video games all night and if he fell asleep in class he would have learnt nothing and his parents are paying for him to go to school and learn nothing.

I think the issue got resolved because Kieran started to relies that he was playing video games way to much and that he needs to start to listening to the teacher in school. He then went to his dad and asked to get some help because he had been playing games to much.

I think the could have done something differently by taking all of the video games away from Kieran so he couldn’t play as much as he did. I also think they could have set up a camera up in Kierans room so the could monitor him and make sure that he didn’t play games after they had gone to sleep.

I think the biggest message to take away from the video was the internet is sometimes an amazing place and sometimes it can be the worst part of your life i think if you don’t know the person in real life then don’t talk to them and don’t meet up with them in real life.



August 2


This term for my passion project i will be creating my very own game. to make my game I will be using a program called scratch.When using scratch you don’t have to make a game using it but you can and I love making games using this program. I am not to sure what game I am going to make but i’m going to make some sort of game.

June 19

DC Cartoons

I think this photo is funny because there is a guy on his phone being tweeted while the girl is seeing a beautiful bird chirping that looks like the tweet bird on twitter.

The message is that the boy is on his phone in the park while the girl is looking at the amazing wildlife all around the park. So what i’m trying to say the boy has a phone addiction.

This is an important message because the boy and a lot of other people have phone addictions were they have to use there phone maybe before they go to bed at lunch and just all the time that they can have on there phone.

I think that this cartoon is still a bit funny if you are not thinking about the message.

June 18


passion project reflection

I think that i did achieve what i set out to do and made a film that was all about soccer and challenges that really took me a long time to do.

Some of the challenges that i had to face were trying to edit out the wind in my intro and my outro. And some success were doing all of my soccer challenges right.

I don’t think there was much i could do with the wind in the background so i just left it. Because i couldn’t find a solution.

I think i could of done a bit more challenges and had a bit more time to edit.

Here is one of my fail attempts at the crossbar challenge. In the link below.


June 8

Win At The Fair

session 1

First Mr G said that we were starting something called win at the fair and he showed us all a game board but what we didn’t now is that the game board was a losing game board and when we all got partners and tallied all of our winnings or all of our losings we had ended up losing $336.40 and all together we ended up playing 149 games so we had just played 149 games and lost $336.40 dollars. here is the game board and my classes results.

session 2

So after we had played the losing game we then started to make are own games on sheets of paper and i was working with Leo and we added little things in our game like water flow and grass so if you got stuck in grass you would have to go back a square and water flow means you go up a square we then tested all of are game boards. my game board was very hard to win a big prize. this is my game board.  my water flow is the blue and the little green bits at the start is the grass.

session 3

in session 3 Mr G said that there is a program called maths 300 that has the same game win at the fair so we had to try to make a winning game board. we had to change the game boards up a bit because we couldn’t have something like water flow our grass and we couldn’t move the prizes around they had to stay on the outside of the game board like the original  game board. once we had made our game boards on the app we then had to put in how ever many games the app was going to calculate we all decided that we were going to play 1000 games. and we had to keep on improving the game board until we had a winning one. at the end of the calculations it would show you all of your calculation so you can see if you have a winning game board. this was one of my winning game boards and calculations.

session 4

in session 4 we were doing the exacted same thing as we were doing in session 3 but trying to win even more money and improve our game boards.

May 31

Digital Etiquette


Netiquette is a shorter word for digital etiquette and it means to be kind on the internet.

Flaming/Flam Wars 

Flam wars is something were if you get In a fight with someone on the internet and it turns into a war.


A troll is someone that sits on there but in there room and try to start flam wars and get people really mad.


An anonymous person is someone who says there name is something like Luke but there actual name is nick and they could be a troll.

Communicating Clearly

communicating clearly is to not use capital letters because it seems like you are yelling. and to use the right Emojis because someone could link it is an insult.


before you post something on the internet of one of your friends our family members you need to have permission to post it by the person that is in the photo or video.

when Tim says once you post something on the internet its out he means that once you have posted the photo or video you cant take it down or delete the post.