November 21


week 1

today we  were doing sewing I was picked out of 5 people from robotics and there were also 5 people from scratch who got to do sewing for the week I was one of the lucky people to get chosen to do it first. it was my first time sewing so I had no clue how to do it. but a couple people knew how to sew. the fist couple of days were just practising and getting the feel of a sewing machine. we had to print templates of a shape for the project we where doing. I learnt you have to be very careful when you are using a sewing machine.

week 2

today we had to make a graw string bag. this is what a  sting bag looks like.

after we had made our bag we had to do a parts purposes and complexities.




October 17

Tinkering/Makey Makey

week 1

today my group got to tinkering in design if you don’t  now what tinkering is then listen closely. tinkering is were you have a computer or something and pull it apart and make something new. we were using a programing set called makey makey and that is were in a little box is a mother board, alligator clips, weirs and a USB cable to plug into your computer so it works. I brang in a nerf gun and we turned it into a controller here are some videos of it working.

week 2

today me and my partner have decided on a project of turning an xbox controller into a gamepad here is a photo of what are project is based around. to make this we will need cardboard for the base of our gamepad, buttons,  joystick, makey makey pack.

week 3

me and my partner have changed are idea we are now going to make a electric sharpener. we had to get something that spins so we got some out of a DVD player. we are going to get a hand sharpener and stick it to the spinning part. we have to add a battery pack to it and a switch so it wouldn’t be spinning for ever.

August 15

Scratch Challenge

Dance project

today we were learning how to make a sprite dance. because we had no idea how to make a sprite dance we were given a tutorial to help us figure it out. I chose a polar bear to dance because it looked cute. you had to choose a sprite with 2 costumes because it has to have 2 costumes or the sprite cant dance. the sprite dances by switching costumes like this. press the linke to see what I did.

bear dancing scratch-1x3czav

I also added some flps in to mix things up.

10 block challenge

the 10 block challenge was were we were given 10 blocks and we had to make a program with it using all of the blocks. here are all of the blocks. I first put all of the blocks in the programing part so I could clearly see all of the blocks I have to use. I was wondering what to make and how to make it but then I just started putting blocks together and making a program that makes sense. this is how my program turned out.

scratch 10 block challenge screen cast-1fjudjm


build a band

today in scratch we were doing a challenge called build a band. in build a band we had to put sprites on the page like an instrument or singer a saxophone for example and make it so that when you click the saxophone it would make a sound. when you clicked my spite I made it switch costume or grow larger so you know with sprite you have clicked.  it was challenging in some parts because some of the sounds you wanted wasn’t downloaded onto scratch so you had to download it using MP3 witch would download music. it was my first time using MP3 so I had a couple of friends to help me do it. this is what some of my sprites looked like.

scratch build a band-2engszm

scratch build a band 2-261ouwi

it’s alive

in scratch we did another challenge called it’s alive in it’s alive you had to choose a sprite and try to make it look like it’s alive by alive I mean like a bird flying. to do that you needed to have a sprite with a couple costumes. to make it look like it’s flying you have to choose the perfect speed for it to switch costumes otherwise it wouldn’t look like it’s alive. it was challenging to make my sprite turn around though because you had to make new costumes and say when touching edge switch to 4 costume. this is what it looks like when it is completed.

scratch screen cast it’s alive-2ehccxk



August 7

Robotics challenges

session 1

today we started working on robotics challenges. our first challenge was to make our robot go along a black line. at first I had no clue how to make our robot go along a black line. but then Mr Colbet showed everyone the program we got to use a new brick called a comment brick and you just write a sentence for the robot to do like when sees black turn right. this is what the brick looks like.

session 2

next we had to made our robot go around a black line but it wasn’t just eny black line it was a black line in the shape of a oval. I thought I would have to change my program a bit so I had a think a I couldn’t think of anything. but then I realised you don’t have to change it at all  because it will still just follow the line. Here is my program.

May 8

Lego Robots

session 1

Today we made Lego robots in design. for the next term we all had to try programing the robot to do commands like going forward turning around and then going back to the start.

session 2 

May 8

What is a robot

What is a robot?

A robot is a complicated machine that doesn’t need any food, water and breaks. Robots were made to do things that humans didn’t wont to do because it was to dangerous. So they programed a robot to do the thing that no one has ever done.


What is needed to make a robot work?

To make a robot you need to have a computer, a program like micro worlds to make a program. To make the robot do something you need to program it. The other items you need to make a robot work is a mind that can think outside of the box when you run into problems like the program is fine and you have tested it on other robots and the thing that isn’t right is the robot its self.


What is a program?

A program is where you code words into commands that you have to make yourself. A program is a complex line of coding that will make a robot or anything that has a technological chip. only tech can be programed into what ever you desire.


Why do you think people invented robots?

I think people invented robots because there were jobs and things that had to be done that were to dangerous for a human for a human to attempt so people made a robot to do the work for them. We made robots because you can make another robot but you cant make another human

April 20

Angles Investigation

Maths was a blast we investigated angles with a website called flash. flash had alot of fun maths games about angles. you could play against someone or play by yourself. I was playing with Mrs Bartlet. we played an angles game were there is a line and you move the line side to side. there is also two little lines that represent the angles and you cover up the box’s and guess what the angle is like this.

as you can see the blue line is 89 degrees. and the red line is 91 degrees.


the next game was similar to the first were you move a line and guess the angle but it had a protractor to help you. so it was a bit easier then the first game this is a photo of the second game.