May 8

Lego Robots

session 1

Today we made Lego robots in design. for the next term we all had to try programing the robot to do commands like going forward turning around and then going back to the start.

session 2 

May 8

What is a robot

What is a robot?

A robot is a complicated machine that doesn’t need any food, water and breaks. Robots were made to do things that humans didn’t wont to do because it was to dangerous. So they programed a robot to do the thing that no one has ever done.


What is needed to make a robot work?

To make a robot you need to have a computer, a program like micro worlds to make a program. To make the robot do something you need to program it. The other items you need to make a robot work is a mind that can think outside of the box when you run into problems like the program is fine and you have tested it on other robots and the thing that isn’t right is the robot its self.


What is a program?

A program is where you code words into commands that you have to make yourself. A program is a complex line of coding that will make a robot or anything that has a technological chip. only tech can be programed into what ever you desire.


Why do you think people invented robots?

I think people invented robots because there were jobs and things that had to be done that were to dangerous for a human for a human to attempt so people made a robot to do the work for them. We made robots because you can make another robot but you cant make another human

April 20

Angles Investigation

Maths was a blast we investigated angles with a website called flash. flash had alot of fun maths games about angles. you could play against someone or play by yourself. I was playing with Mrs Bartlet. we played an angles game were there is a line and you move the line side to side. there is also two little lines that represent the angles and you cover up the box’s and guess what the angle is like this.

as you can see the blue line is 89 degrees. and the red line is 91 degrees.


the next game was similar to the first were you move a line and guess the angle but it had a protractor to help you. so it was a bit easier then the first game this is a photo of the second game.

March 21

Craft power

Today after recess 5c went to the year six rooms and had a craft session with a man called Anatoli. we had a little quiz about tools before we started. in the quiz we had to name the tools that Anatoli held up. Anatoli told us that we were going to make cars. I remember in year 2 he came and did the same presses so I made a pretty good car. after that he showed everyone how to make a car. I think it helped alot of people make there cars. after we started to make the cars I was on a bench by my own. we had to take a template and  peace of wood and draw around the template. once you have done that you then you have to grab a tool called a coping saw and you had to saw the wood until you get a shape of a car I chose a Ferrari for my car. each car has a friction motare to make it move. when I finishied my car I had to build a little driver for my car. I had to get a little bloke of wood and nail the man to the wood so Anatoli can hot glue gun the man to the car. then I finished my car. soon we will be painting our cars. here are some photos of the session.



March 15

sorting quadrilateral’s


parallel- two opposite sides that will never touch

opposite- two sides facing each other

congruent- sides that are the same length

adjacent- sides that are next to each other

acute angle- a angle that is less then a quarter of a turn

obtuse angle- a angle that is lager then a quarter turn but smaller then a half turn

reflex angle- a angle that is lager then a straight angle more then a half turn

March 10


Today we were told to go and play a game called addo with a friend. Addo is a game were you draw a three bye three box and put numbers up to twenty in the nine little boxes. When you have put your numbers in the boxes you have little cards that say a number up to twenty on them. You and your friend pick up a card and then you have to add the two numbers together and if you have the number that answers the question on your board then you cross the number off that you have. It is the first one to cross three in a row off there board. You want to change the numbers every game until you get the best board you can.

session 1

In session one we were just fingering out how to play the game. I made a really good board but then my partner Stoll it and I had to come up with a better board but I didn’t and he kept beating me. Try playing with your friend one day it is really fun.

session 2 

In session two we were trying to make the best board we could. By doing that we had to find out what numbers would come up the most. We all found out with a little bit of research that 10 and 11 were the most numbers to come up because, there were more ways to make those numbers. I then put 10 in the middle because it was the most popular number to come up. Then I put 11 and all the other best numbers like 14,13,9 and 8 around the ten so I would win most of the time this was my winning board but it didn’t win all the time. I hope you liked my blog bye.

February 24

Roller Coasters

session 1

Today we all had to make a design of a roller coaster. before we made our designs we had to watch a video. the video was about the science behind a roller coaster. so after the video when we were told to do are design I thought about the video and then started when I finished my drawing I had to add some scientific words to describe my roller coaster. once I finished that I went all over it in fin liner so it would look clearer and better. I had to make sour my spelling was all correct otherwise I wouldn’t be able to rub it out. this is my design.


session 2

we had to start building are roller coasters today. It was hard to find materials so I didn’t have the time to take photos or videos sadly. I think the hardest thing to make was the loop because when you bend the tube like a loop the tube gets bended like this  but as a plastic tube.
here are some of my photos of the roller coaster I’m making.



session 3 – session 4

in session 3 and 4 I was bloging about my roller coaster so I haven’t been making my roller coaster alot.

session 5

in session five we relised that the ball wouldn’t go the whole way around the loop so we had to think of something else. Everyone was thinking but then I thought we should make a side loop and it worked. We then added a jump the only thig I’m concerned about is that will we be able to move it and get the jump first time other wise I think we are making a really good roller coaster.

session 6

in session 6 I was designing what I think our roller coaster should look like. what our roller coaster s going to have a loop, jump and a up and down hill. My design is alot like some other peoples design. I think our roller coaster will be a success. Here is my design of my roller coater.

session 7

in session seven we found out that we couldn’t have a side loop so we made a real loop. We had to change the roller coaster alot because it wasn’t up to the standards. we are only missing one part of are roller coaster witch I think you will see when I show you the photos of are roller coaster.

session 8

we had to change are roller coaster again because it just wouldn’t work and also when we went to work on it, it was a bit broken. we changed the roller coaster so it doesn’t go all the way around the box. like the photo in session 7. when we found out that it worked we joined to another group and it made this.

 we had to make shore it worked every time. happily the roller coaster worked most of the time.

session 9

in session nine we were modifying are roller coaster. We were called to the floor and we were told that we had to stop making and go around the classroom to look at other peoples roller coasters. we had alot of people at our roller coaster so there was alot of presser. my experience making this roller coaster was awesome because it was really fun and challenging. I hope you have enjoyed my roller coaster bog post.

February 17

Cereal Box Marble Roller

session 1

Today everyone had to build a marble run out of 30 cm’s of masking tape and one cereal box. We all had to draw a plan of what we wanted our marble run to look like. Then we started to make are marble runs individually. It took a while to finish the marble run because it was my first time making a marble run and I really wanted it to work. And it did work sometimes. We then had to go on movie maker and edit out the bits that we didn’t need for our short films. this is my film I hope you like it. hit the link below

cereal box marble run 1-1wsm1ge

session 2

Today we were told to make another marble run. But we had to make the marble run as slow as possible. when I went off to design my second marble run I thought about adding a funnel, So it would spin around and be slower it turned out to be a tube and fall straight down. it was a bit easier to build the second marble run because I had experience with the first marble run. my second marble run worked like the first one I tried to make it as slow as I could click the link down below to watch my second marble run, I hope you enjoy.

marble run 2-12hs5q1