The little penguin

We have yet another AMAZING project. Our new project is on endangered animals. We have to lend our voice to the animals that need it most. I am doing my film on the little penguin. Here is my script.

They waddle through the sand. They swim through the water. They are fierce, dangerous fish eaters. They are… The… little penguin. Even though these amazing creatures are awesome weather, you choose to look at them the adorable angel, the really cool angel or even the killer penguin angel, they are facing a terrible thing called endangerment. Yes these marvellous creatures are facing endangerment and might me extinct in ______ years. But don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Oh wait, it is. It utterly and completely is. We are all guilty of carrying the shopping with a plastic bag or carelessly throwing you glad wrap in the garden thinking, “it’s only once. It is not going to do anything.” Well that’s were your wrong lets follow the glad wrap that you threw in the garden at lunch. Observe, this creature (person throwing plastic bag in the bush) no not that one (zoom in on glad wrap) this creature has a component that no other creatures have. They are actually indestructible. Like most lizards and sea star the glad wrap, and any other plastic for that matter, can split into many pieces. But, again, unlike any other animal the plastic object can keep splitting and never actually disappear. Most of the time the plastic ends up in the ocean with all its friends. Then in the stomach of a sea bird or mammal. I know I would much rather watch a documentary on a actual animal. Oh. Like the little penguin. So this is why the little penguin, though it is least concern, is said to be extinct by _____________. Obviously WE CAN STOP THIS! The project on channel ten has made a petition called #banthebag and the government is planning on banning plastic bags from all main super markets in Australia. This is going to be an AMAZING movement for Australia. But what can you do. Here’s a thing. Glad wrap. You can’t depend on a news program to ban that. You have to do it yourself. Do we really need glad wrap. Cant we just use one of these beautiful specimens here. This is what’s known as a reusable sandwich container. AKA a lunch box. And maybe go clean up a street, beach or park near you. See we can do these easy things to help this beautiful animal stay on the planet.

I hope to get some shots of a penguin swimming. I cant wait to go to the zoo on Friday!Image result for little penguin