Hong Kong culture investigation

For the last couple of weeks I have been investigating Hong Kong culture. I have actually been lucky enough to live in Hong Kong for two years but I don’t remember a whole lot so it was actually quite interesting. So what’s the big difference? Lets see.

Here is my house in Australia  This was my house I Hong Kong.  In Hong Kong many people live in apartment flats or boats. (like me) This is a common food at my house.  Image result for vegemite This is a common food in Hong Kong. Image result for fried rice in Hong Kong Spot the difference. ln Australia we speak English. But in Hong Kong their main language is Cantonese. For example: Thank you – m` goi`

Your welcome – m` sai

There are many differences in Hong Kong to Australia but are there any similarities?

like in Australia the Religion laws in Hong Kong dose allow a very multi-cultural society. But Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism are the main Religions.

lf l still lived I Hong Kong l would find it hard to live in such small places. I understand that some people don’t mind that but I would find it difficult.