Term 2 reflection

This term was explosive. TED, Science, Heathy relationships and getting a new teacher.  And we have a whole other 2 terms to live. So lets make this quick.


Today we had our TED expo. We have been on such a long, even life changing for some, journey through TED. My TED talk was on “What does it mean to be Australian?” I’m pretty proud of it. TED was an amazing thing and I’m looking forward the live presentations next term.


In science we learned about electrons and lightbulbs and all that stuff. To be honest it was pretty mind blowing.

Heathy relationships.

No comment.

Getting a new teacher

Mrs. Flakemore has taken Mrs. Stafford’s place as our teacher. It took a bit of getting used to I must admit but I think we all warmed to her in the end.


My goals for next term are to be more organised and productive. That will result in homework being done early and my locker staying tidy.

Thanks for reading.