The robo dance


Today was the start of term 4 and we didn’t waste any time to get on to a new challenge. We had the choice between

  1. Line fooling
  2. Challenge mats
  3. Robo dance

I chose the robo dance and I am in a group with Asha, Hanna and Maya. We are doing a dance to the song wings by Delta GoodremJ. This song is appropriate, not too long, not to short (3:27) and has a good beat. Our dance is based around a devil and an angel. So far it will go like this:

  1. Angel drives out of angel archway
  2. Angel spins
  3. Angel waves arms
  4. Devil drives out of devil archway
  5. Devil waves arms mysteriously
  6. Angel chases devil away
  7. Devil comes back

That’s what we have worked out so far. I also did an analysation of our song. How long the first verse goes for and all that. I can put in the analysation in a blog post later because I don’t have it with me wright now. We also have to dance as well so we have to drees up. Asha, Maya and Hanna are the angels and I am the devil. so that is our robo dance so far. See you next time.