This week we have been experimenting with sensors.

The touch sensorev3 t

The ultrasonic sensorev3 u

Before I explain what these sensors do I am going to explain what all sensors are and do.

A sensor is devise that collects data from its surroundings. All a robot would do without a sensor is just drive\walk\fly\move around and not care if there was a wall close or even if it bumped into a wall.


Now the touch sensors purpose is to make something happen when in touches something. For example, if the EV3 bumps into a wall if it has the touch sensor it would turn around and drive away but if didn’t it would keep on driving into that wall. But what if we didn’t need the touch sensor at all. What if the EV3 could just see the object instead of hafting to bump into the wall to know that it is there? That is where it ultrasonic sensor comes in. It sees if there is wall there or not. See you later touch sensor. Your Modern technology has got even more modern.

So that’s what we have learned about sensors.

See you next time.