Rio for robots (part 3)





Hi everyone. The robot Olympics are only 2, yes 2, days away. Athletes\robots from all countries around the word\year 5 have been working so hard on training\testing and the day is almost here. I assure you there will be footage\photos from Rio\the gym on Friday. (The said footage is a propriety of channel 7\channel Takoda. We ask for no reproducing without written permission from the 7 network\Takoda)


(In yesterday’s training session\testing session)

Everyone in my group has had had a turn of testing there program and fix up any mistakes and now it was finally my turn. The other sessions I have been building the chariot or my program. Here is my program. rioOur next training\testing session is today in the gym. Sostay tund

See you next time.

(Hey, athletics day on Thursday. Another event like the Olympics. go helicon.)